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Royal Rumble Criticism Now A Storyline, To Be "Addressed" On Raw

The latest kayfabe Michael Cole interview with Triple H is now online at this link or embedded in the video below:

Topics addressed include this week’s Raw taping postponed, WWE Network hitting 1 million subscribers, Hunter on Steve Austin’s podcast after Raw next week, NXT TakeOver on February 11, Fast Lane on February 22 and the Royal Rumble controversy.

Regarding the controversy, Hunter said when he goes back and watches the Rumble match, “it’s just not right.” He said he thinks the whole world knew it, everyone voiced their opinion. Even Bill Simmons and ESPN.

Triple H said unlike the NFL, we address our problems. We’re not going to turn our back on our balls and we’re going to address them Monday night on Raw.

Here's what Simmons Tweeted:

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