Happy Sunday wrestling world! Tonight's the night for the biggest WWE event before the grandest stage. Tonight is the Royal Rumble! Who will come out as champions? Who will come out as the best of 30 men and 30 women? We shall find out. Stay tuned!


Smackdown Live Women's Championship Match - Becky Lynch vs. Asuka (c)

This match started off with these two powerhouse women testing each other's will, strength and heart. They traded moves for a second to see who could gain the upper hand. Things spilled to ringside and it seemed as if Asuka had Becky in her control, but "The Man" turned things over and has the champ weak at the moment.

Becky has Asuka in the corner and is going to work on "The Empress." She seemed to set up for the Dis-Arm-Her but, instead, she goes to work on the arm to soften it up for the finisher. Asuka tries to turn it over and gets caught in the rope. Becky takes advantage for a brief moment and goes to rub it in but the champ catches Becky with the Asuka lock in the ropes! She has only 5 seconds to let her out. Becky gets Asuka in the corner and locks the champ in with the Dis-Arm-Her on the turnbuckle but she, too, only has 5 seconds.

Both women are showing pure heart! Asuka has Becky gasping for air in the window of opportunity. Asuka climbs to the top rope for the missile dropkick and Becky moves. Becky drops Asuka and follows up with the nearfall. Becky tries to capitalize and Asuka locks her into the Asuka lock. It's not all the way locked in so Becky slid to the ropes pretty quickly. They go to apron and Asuka wants to drop Becky onto the floor mat. Becky held onto the ropes and turns it over to set up for the Beck-sploder on the floor mat. Asuka counters and drops her with the swinging neckbreaker to ringside. 

Asuka slides back in the ropes and Becky is left. She beats the count at 9 and Asuka, quickly, hit her with the sliding kick with the nearfall. Asuka has that look in her eyes and they both trade slaps in the middle of the canvas. Asuka lights up Becky and Becky wants the Dis-Arm-Her! Asuka counters and lays her out and follows up with the two count.

The champ sets up for a suplex and Becky goes to the corner. They both end up on the top rope. Becky drops Asuka with the top rope Beck-sploder and the two count! Wow! Becky is in disbelief!

Becky gets Asuka in the Asuka lock and Asuka wants to turn it around. Becky follows up with the Dis-Arm-Her! It's not all the way applied! The champ turns it over and gets the Asuka Lock in on "The Man." Asuka tries to get all of it and there's no where for Becky to go. She taps to "The Empress."

Winner and STILL champion: Asuka

What a match! The challenger really put on another great match but "The Empress" came out on top. Up next, the "co-besties" will fight for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. Can they defeat The Bar? Stay tuned!

Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships - The Miz & Shane McMahon vs. The Bar (c)

Shane starts off right on the bell, leveling Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus and Cesaro regroup at ringside. Sheamus gets back in and both men tag their respective partners. The Miz goes to work on Cesaro. The Bar work together to cause a distraction and Cesaro capitalizes. Cesaro tags in Sheamus and Sheamus goes to work. He knocks Shane off the apron and Miz goes to work in the corner.

The Bar gets Miz at ringside and set up an announce table. Shane stops them and the "co-besties" set up Cesaro on the table for Shane to deliver his famous elbow drop. Sheamus stops them and knocks off Miz, Shane drops Sheamus and Cesaro delivers a nasty uppercut to Shane! He drives him into the barricade pretty viciously to follow up. 

Miz and Sheamus end up back inside and the champs are taking advantage of the 2-1 advantage for the moment. Sheamus tags in Cesaro and is wearing the former WWE Champion down in the middle of the ring. Miz wants to get to the corner but the "Swiss Cyborg" isn't allowing it. He pulls Miz to their corner and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus lays him out and taunts Shane in the opposing corner. Miz capitalizes on the delay and rolls him up for the two count.

Sheamus gains the advantage right back but Miz fights him off with the jawbreaker and looks for the tag. Sheamus fell into his corner with the tag to Cesaro. Cesaro comes in, looking to knock Shane off but Shane moves. Miz drops Cesaro and both men tag their own partners in. Shane brings the energy! He sets up Sheamus in the corner but Cesaro tags himself in. Shane sets up for that corner dropkick! Cesaro catches him in swing position and follows up with around 15 swings!

Shane caught Cesaro offguard with the triangle! Sheamus breaks it up and stomps Shane O'Mac. Miz comes to his partner's aid and get Sheamus to ringside. He sets up for a baseball slide but Sheamus moves and lays out Miz. The Bar double up on Shane and set up for the tag team Brogue kick. Miz saves his partner by coming in and pushing Cesaro into it. Miz drops Sheamus with the Skull-Crushing Finale. Shane goes to the top and delivers the Shooting Star Press for the win!!

Winners and NEW Champions: Shane McMahon & The Miz

What a finish to that one! Tonight's Royal Rumble has been spectacular so far! Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey have had their shared moments, attempting to get the best of one another. Tonight, they will go at it for the Raw Women's Championship to show who is the absolute best in the Women's Division on Raw!

Raw Women's Championship - Sasha Banks vs. Ronda Rousey (c)

Sasha Banks is looking pretty confident so far! She's obviously done her homework on the champ. Rousey flips the script and is showing confidence herself. She shows tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero with 3 amigos but was stopped at 2. Banks turns it into a Banks Statement but Rousey wants the armbar. Banks slides to the ropes and gets up to smack the fire out of Rousey! This only made Rousey even more angry and things spilled to ringside.

Rousey gets Banks to the steel post and charges up for a forearm but Banks moves, causing Rousey to strike the post. Banks goes to work on the champ!  She's looking pretty good tonight! She attacks that injured arm of the champ. Banks gets Rousey in the corner and Rousey moves out of the way of a double knee. Rousey tries to capitalize. Banks turns it in a modified armbar. Rousey tries to pull herself to the ropes but her shoulder looks like it's about to pop out of its socket.

Banks turns it into the Banks Statement but Rousey counters with the Piper's Pit. She looks to capitalize but Banks quickly gets control back, getting the champ to the top turnbuckle and dropping her, followed by the two count. Banks goes right back to work on the injured arm. Rousey counters and delivers arm drags to "The Boss." Banks kicks Rousey out of the ring and goes for a suicide dive but gets caught! Rousey flips Banks into the armbar at ringside, Banks taps but it doesn't count since it's not in the ropes!

Rousey gets Banks back inside and goes to work. Banks is showing that heart against the champ! She turns it over and gets Rousey in the corner, stomps that arm and wants the Banks Statement. Rousey turns it over and sets up for the armbar! Banks counters and locks in the Banks Statement! Rousey slides to the ropes but Banks turns it into an armbar. Rousey gets some room and drops Banks with the Gutwrench Powerbomb. She follows up with the Piper's Pit for the win!

Winner and STILL champion: Ronda Rousey

After the match, Rousey showed her respects to Banks. Banks left and came back to stand face-to-face with Rousey and held up the number 4. It's safe to say, this feud may not be over just yet.

Up next, it's time for the 30-Woman Royal Rumble! Lacey Evans starts off at entry #1 and gets on the mic to establish herself to the WWE Universe for those who don't know who she is. Natalya comes out next at #2! The second-ever 30-Woman Royal Rumble is underway!

30-Woman Royal Rumble

1. Lacey Evans (11th elimination by Charlotte Flair)

2. Natalya (23rd elimination by Nia Jax - was in for 55:58 (record))

3. Mandy Rose (9th elimination by Naomi)

4. Liv Morgan (1st elimination by Natalya)

5. Mickie James (2nd elimination by Tamina)

6. Ember Moon (24th elimination by Alexa Bliss)

7. Billie Kay (4th/5th elimination by Lacey Evans)

8. Nikki Cross (3rd elimination by The IIconics)

9. Peyton Royce (4th/5th elimination by Lacey Evans)

10. Tamina Snuka (7th elmination by Charlotte Flair)

11. Xia Li (6th elimination by Charlotte Flair)

12. Sarah Logan (8th elimination by Natalya)

13. Charlotte Flair (Final elimination by Becky Lynch)

14. Kairi Sane (15th elimination by Ruby Riott)

15. Maria Kanellis (12th elimination by Alicia Fox)

16. Naomi (Mandy Rose came back and eliminated Naomi at 10)

17. Candace LeRae (14th elimination by Ruby Riott)

18. Alicia Fox (13th elimination by Ruby Riott)

19. Kacy Catanzaro (16th elimination by Rhea Ripley)

20. Zelina Vega (18th elimination by Rhea Ripley)

21. Ruby Riott (20th elimination by Bayley)

22. Dana Brooke (17th elimination by Rhea Ripley)

23. Io Shirai (22nd elimination by Nia Jax)

24. Rhea Ripley (21st elimination by Bayley)

25. Sonya DeVille (19th elimination by Alexa Bliss)

26. Alexa Bliss (25th elimination by Bayley and Carmella)

27. Bayley (27th elimination by Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax)

28. Becky Lynch

(Lana was kayfabe injured in the kickoff so replaced by Becky Lynch at #28)

29. Nia Jax (28th elimination by Becky Lynch)

30. Carmella (26th elimination by Charlotte Flair)

Winner of the 30-Woman Royal Rumble: Becky Lynch

"The Man" has made history and is the second EVER winner of the 30-Woman Royal Rumble! How impressive is that?! She had an intense battle against Asuka earlier tonight and came out to outlast 29 other women in the Rumble! She's going to Wrestlemania 35!

Over the last couple of months, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have been involved in an intense rivalry over the WWE Championship. Tonight, they battle once again. Who will walk out of Phoenix as the WWE Champion? Let's find out next!

WWE Championship Match - "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. "The New" Daniel Bryan (c)

These two are so evenly matched. They start the match off tangling up a bit and showing those technical skills. Neither man can gain an advantage so far. AJ Styles shoulder blocks Bryan, Bryan ends up ringside to regroup. Bryan jumps back in and they end up in the corner. Both men trade vicious chops to the chest and go back and forth.

Styles with that back body drop and has the edge. He begins to wear the champ down. Bryan flips it around after they end up back in the corner and lifts AJ over the steel post, sending him crashing to ringside. Bryan gets AJ back in the ropes and he's going to work on the "Phenomenal One." He's attacking the injured left arm of the former champ.

Styles is desperately trying to create separation form Bryan but Bryan stops the momentum and locks in an armbar. AJ makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Bryan goes back to wearing Styles down and is taking his sweet time in doing so. The self-proclaimed "Planet's Champion" rubs it in which gave a bloody-nosed AJ Styles some breathing room to create a bit of offense.

Styles targets the left knee of Daniel Bryan to soften it up for that famous Calfcrusher. He goes for the baseball slide in the corner and Bryan moves. Bryan sets AJ for the running dropkick in the corner and on the second time, AJ counters. Bryan flips it back over and drops AJ with German Suplex with the nearfall.

The champ takes Styles up top and goes for the Hurricanrana. Styles catches him and sets up for the Styles Clash but Bryan with the vicious kicks to break it up. Styles went crashing to ringside and beats the ref's count. Bryan goes for the suicide dive but AJ moves, sending the champ to the floor mat. Styles with the drive-by knee! At the corner barricade, Styles jumps up and lands with the moonsault turned DDT.

Back in the ring, AJ sets up for the springboard 450. Bryan gets the knees up and turns it into the Labelle Lock, targeting that bloody nose and the injured arm of Styles. Styles breaks the hold and flips it into the Calfcrusher! Bryan makes it to the ropes to break the hold. This match has taken a toll of both of these men and it's showing.

Both men are trying to gain the edge and put one another away. They meet on the top turnbuckle. Styles wants the superplex but Bryan jumps off and pushes AJ. Bryan with the backdrop and Styles lands on his feet. He goes for the Calfcrusher! Is Bryan going to tap and lose the title?! He's screaming in pure agony. Bryan turns it into a pin attempt but AJ kicks out at 2.

A battle of power and will in the middle of the ring, who can get the upperhand? Styles with a few vicious elbow strikes and a brainbuster. Bryan kicks out at 2! Styles goes to set up for the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan kicks that arm of AJ to break it up. AJ lays Bryan out to buy himself time to set up for it once again. Off of one arm, he goes to the top rope. Bryan kicks AJ out of the air. Bryan sets up for a maneuver but AJ with the kick.

Don't look now but Erick Rowan has returned and made his way to ringside! Why is he out there?! AJ gets up and sets Bryan up, Bryan wants to counter with the kick but knocks the ref out. Styles sets up for the Styles Clash and delivers! Rowan breaks up the count and chokeslams AJ! Bryan covers and that's all she wrote!

Winner and STILL Champion: Daniel Bryan

This may be the start of the reunion of some sort of Wyatt Family (but in Daniel Bryan form). We shall see later on this week on Smackdown Live.

Up next, Finn Balor fought his way back into the title picture. He will challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship in Raw's main event!

Universal Championship Match- Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman

Brock Lesnar started off throwing Finn like a doggy chew toy. Just when he thought he had Finn, Finn turned it over and set up for the corner dropkick. Lesnar countered with a vicious clothesline.

Lesnar is taking his time with Finn and rubs it in. He definitely paid for it. He almost looks hesitant about each move. Balor has done some damage on the champ and Lesnar's feeling it! Lesnar goes for an F5 but Finn turns it into a DDT. Finn picks up the energy and sends the champ to ringside. Balor with the suicide dive! He jumps back in the ropes and goes for another to take down "The Beast" once again! Balor jumps BACK in the ring AGAIN and goes for one more signature dive to lay out Lesnar. Lesnar is trying to will himself back into the ring.

He's sitting in the corner and Balor with the corner dropkick. He sets up for the Coup de Grace and the nearfall! Lesnar turns it into the Kimora and Balor taps out!

Winner by submission and STILL champion: Brock Lesnar

After the final bell, Lesnar attacked Balor and stacked up on Suplex City's population.

Up next, it's time for the 30-Man Royal Rumble! Who will come out on top as the winner and earn their right to main event at Wrestlemania? Tonight's men's Rumble starts off with Elias at #1 and Jeff Jarrett at #2. They start off greeting each other and Elias offers to sing with JJ. After all, they have some stuff in common.

30-Man Royal Rumble

1. Elias (5th elimination by Seth Rollins)

2. Jeff Jarrett (1st elimination by Elias)

3. Shinsuke Nakamura (8th elimination by Mustafa Ali)

4. Kurt Angle (2nd elimination by Shinsuke Nakamura)

5. Big E (4th elimination by Samoa Joe)

6. Johnny Gargano (9th elimination by Dean Ambrose)

7. Jinder Mahal (3rd elimination by Johnny Gargano)

8. Samoa Joe (13th elimination by Mustafa Ali)

9. Curt Hawkins (7th elimination by Samoa Joe)

10. Seth Rollins

11. Titus O'Neil (6th elimination by Curt Hawkins)

12. Kofi Kingston (12th elimination by Drew McIntyre)

13. Mustafa Ali (22nd elimination by Nia Jax)

14. Dean Ambrose (12th elimination by Aleister Black)

15. No Way Jose (10th elimination by Samoa Joe - possible record for quickest elimination)

16. Drew McIntyre (21st elimination by Dolph Ziggler)

17. Xavier Woods (11th elimination by Drew McIntyre)

18. Pete Dunne (16th elimination by Drew McIntyre)

19. Andrade (26th elimination by Braun Strowman)

20. Apollo Crews (14th elimination by Baron Corbin)

21. Aleister Black (15th elimination by Baron Corbin)

22. Shelton Benjamin (19th elimination by Braun Strowman)

23. Baron Corbin (18th elimination by Braun Strowman)

24. Jeff Hardy (20th elimination by Braun Strowman)

25. Rey Mysterio (24th elimination by Randy Orton)

26. Bobby Lashley (17th elimination by Seth Rollins)

27. Braun Strowman (Final elimination by Seth Rollins)

28. Dolph Ziggler (27th elimination by Braun Strowman)

29. Randy Orton  (25th elimination by Andrade)

30. Nia Jax (23rd elimination by Rey Mysterio)

(Originally was R-Truth at #30)

Winner of the 30-Man Royal Rumble: Seth Rollins

Rollins will go on to main event Wrestlemania and face the champion of his choosing. Hope you all enjoyed tonight's Royal Rumble! Check in tomorrow as we cover Monday Night Raw! Good night Wrestling World!

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