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More Rumor Control - WWE Elimination Chamber On Dish Network?

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Following my rumor control post here on, I was asked about conflicting reports about Dish Network showing WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

I called the provider directly and after being transferred two separate times, I was told by a customer support representative they were in fact showing the pay-per-view. I was also told if I signed up (I'm not currently a Dish customer), I could get two pay-per-views for free. When I told the representative I wasn't interested in signing up over the phone, they were rude and hung up the phone.

WWE Elimination Chamber will be the company's final traditional pay-per-view. Starting with Wrestlemania XXX in April, all pay-per-views will be available through the WWE Network and will be included under the $9.99/month subscription price. WWE hopes to keep their existing pay-per-view distribution agreements in place to give viewers the option of purchasing the traditional way if they are not subscribed to the WWE Network.

Again, if you hear a rumor and want to know what I've heard about it, Tweet me @wnwdotcom.

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