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Rumor Mill: The Massive TLC Shake-Up, HUGE NEWS On How WWE is Scrambling To Fix Things, Who Else Might Come Off The Card and More

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WWE TLC 2016

Obviously WWE had an explosive news story break just minutes ago. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns are OFF the show for TLC and Kurt Angle will be stepping in for Roman Reigns while AJ Styles is filling in for Bray Wyatt. This is massive news but that's what everyone already knows. We're reaching out to all our sources to get the story from behind the scenes. Here's some MASSIVE rumors we're hearing:

  1. The changes might not be done! There is a chance Braun Strowman might also be removed from the TLC card.
  2. Rumors are this could be a viral meningitis, but we're hearing that is FALSE and it's the story WWE wants to circulate.
  3. There is a good possibility WWE will hotshot a storyline they were saving for way down the road and align Finn Balor and AJ Styles, forming "The Balor Club."
  4. WWE was/is scrambling to fix this with any one they can. We're told even Daniel Bryan's name was in the mix, but he was likely told he'd lace up and go out, but wouldn't take any bumps and just stand on the apron the whole time. Bryan has been dying to get back into a WWE ring and there's no way he'd turn down anything promising that could lead to a full time in-ring return.
  5. WWE has had 2 emergency meetings today already and are having another at 4:30 EST.
  6. Kevin Owens is off the current Smackdown South America tour. We're being told it's unrelated and for personal reasons. However, it seems far too likely a coincidence that it happens the same day everything else is blowing up.
  7. We're being told that in the next 30 days anything, with the exception of contracted ROH and NJPW workers, is possible right now.
  8. NXT is being told to possibly prepare for not having Cole, Fish, O'Reilly, and Galloway.
  9. Don't be shocked to see Lesnar pop up either. WWE isn't afraid to use an extra date on Lesnar and re-arrange the currently plans for him.

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