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Rumor Roundup - Sting Signs WWE Contract, Undertaker & End Of The Streak

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Sting Signed w/WWE?

There's a new report making rounds that apparently originated from Dave Meltzer that claims Sting has signed a contract with WWE. I was told on Thursday a deal was done and it includes for Sting to work in the ring and make appearances, however, I was unable to confirm a start date.

I checked with another source and was told the deal had "been done for awhile," it just hadn't been signed, therefore reports claiming it had been signed were not surprising. I am working on more details including why a possible Sting vs. Undertaker isn't completely history... at least not yet. I'll have those details early next week.

As for the immediate future, Sting has independent commitments booked through June.

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End of The Streak

Speaking of Undertaker, I've also been asked to address a report attributed to Dave Meltzer that Vince McMahon had to talk Undertaker in to giving the streak to Brock Lesnar.

I can tell you Undertaker desired a match with Brock Lesnar as far back as late 2010 and stated prior to his match against CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29 that he said he "wanted one more against Lesnar." I can also tell you that Undertaker had control over his Wrestlemania match and had to sign off on every aspect before he would agree to work.

There had been issues in the past regarding Undertaker's payout for the event, which had caused doubts regarding his status. So while it's entirely possible Undertaker wasn't "giddy" to hand over the streak, it wasn't a situation where he was forced either.

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