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Rumor Roundup: Whose Idea Was The Gauntlet Match, Who Advocated Jarrett's HOF Induction, BOGO Elimination Chamber Tickets

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The Gauntlet Match on Raw was reportedly laid out and approved by Vince McMahon. That includes the length and presentation of the show as a whole.

Many fans believed this had to be a Triple H call since it was so different from what we usually see. Looks Vince McMahon is the guy to thank for it.

When Jeff Jarrett was inducted into the Hall Of Fame most people did a double take. This is a superstar who has left the company twice and not on the best terms (including holding up Vince for money moments before he stepped through the curtain to perform at a PPV). The current rumor is that HHH is the individual who brokered the deal.

HHH has very close friends who Jarrett has done business with including Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Jarrett also gave large platforms to Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

Apparently Elimination Chamber ticket sales are extremely low to the point where the T-Mobile Arena sales website is offering "Buy One, Get One" tickets. You can see a picture of this below.


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