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Rumor: Sin Cara And Chris Jericho Involved In Backstage Altercation

Chris Jericho

Justin LaBar and are reporting that a backstage altercation broke out between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara during WWE’s ongoing international tour. No other details were given but here’s what LaBar tweeted out:

">November 6, 2016

The WZ report mentions Cara’s altercation with Simon Gotch of The Vaudevillains over the summer, which we were able to independently confirm. Chris Jericho is known for being outspoken as he nearly went to blows with Brock Lesnar after his match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam. That incident featured Vince McMahon stepping in and telling Jericho to calm down and that it was a work.

At this point we’re unable to confirm an altercation between Cara and Jericho but will continue to monitor as information becomes available.

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