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Rumor: Smackdown Moving Back Thursdays?

One of the new WWE production truck designs features a graphic of The Usos beside the Smackdown logo, with the text "Thursdays 8/7c." The new WWE Network style logo and SyFy logo are there in addition to the social icons and of course You can view a photo taken at this week's television taping in Texas below:

Smackdown on Thursdays?

I know there has been talk in recent years about Smackdown moving back to Thursday nights. Thursday night is one of the most watched in television, while Friday is one of the least watched. WWE's new deal with NBCUniversal begins this fall, which would likely be when such a change would take effect.

For those wondering, it's doubtful a move to Thursday nights would mean a switch to a live broadcast. The company would likely still tape on Tuesday night before airing the show on Thursday.

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