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Ryback Believes CM Punk Wants People To Feel Sorry For Him

Ryback was on the Zach McCrite Show on The Franchise 107.7 Sports Radio out of Oklahoma City and fired back at claims that CM Punk made against him in his interview on Colt Cabana’s podcast. For those that missed Punk's original comments on Ryback, read our recap at this link. We also have audio of both of Punk's podcasts at this link.

Below are some notes from Ryback's response:

  • He said he didn’t want to “harp on this” but the comments made by Punk in regards to him “were not accurate.” He said they were “a little disappointing to hear.”
  • Ryback said Punk was never like that to his face and he didn’t know that Punk had talked badly about him behind his back to Vince McMahon. He found that disturbing.
  • He said he did his job and turned things around.
  • Ryback said Punk went on record that he broke Punk’s ribs on purpose. He said that’s not true.
  • He said Punk never did anything about it, if “he’s this big bad tough guy.” But it never happened.
  • Ryback said there’s a roster full of WWE talent that knows the truth and what Punk said was not the truth.
  • He said he wished Punk the best. Ryback said he would like to think Punk would be thankful for everything he has in WWE. He was the one that “put him over” time and time again and he walked out and left.
  • Ryback said he doesn’t think anyone is going to question him walking away being beaten up. However, he believes Punk wants people to feel sorry for him for leaving.
  • Ryback said he was hurt for 7 months before he needed to get surgery.
  • He said to be thankful for everything you have from WWE. With any job, there’s good and bad. Focus on the good and don’t be bitter.
  • Ryback once again wished Punk the best, said he didn’t want to get in a war of words because it’s not going to do good for anybody.
  • He said if he was as big, bad and rough for what Punk said in the ring, and he beat him up so bad that he took 20 years off his life, do you think WWE would allow for him to be in the ring with John Cena and Dolph Ziggler and “other top WWE talents?” Ryback answered no and said he would be gone.
  • Ryback said there is a roster full of guys that know the truth. Some guys are going to believe him, others aren’t but in a couple of weeks it’s going to be irrelevant and he’s going to be with WWE going forward.

You can listen to Ryback’s remarks at this link or in the player below:

Richard Reacts: It's stuff like this that will continue to hold Ryback back in WWE. I understand CM Punk made some fairly damning allegations about him but who cares? Stop trying to defend yourself (at least on public platforms) and focus on becoming a top star in WWE. Could you imagine if John Cena took time out of his media interviews to respond to the haters? That's all he would do! Punk has NOTHING to lose with his comments. He's already been a top guy, has made millions of dollars and could likely get a massive pay check by just agreeing to come back and work for WWE. Ryback has already had his main event push derailed because of perceived behavioral issues along with been green in the ring. So he benefits from this how? This is not a smart move.

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