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Ryback Calls CM Punk "Fragile & Insecure"

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Ryback responded to CM Punk calling him a "steroid guy" and saying he took years off his life for being so green. The comments, which were posted to Ryback's Twitter account, have now been deleted.

Below is what was written:

"For the record if I quit for being fragile and insecure I would make up excuses too. Things didn't go my way for a long time and I kept going day in and out. Slander is a powerful thing and to state complete made up nonsense for no reason shows his insecurities. I will continue to bust my ass study matches every chance I get, cut promos when driving and push myself hours on end even when hurt. Thank you"

A screen capture of the Tweets are available below:

Ryback Blasts Punk

Ryback also posted this:

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