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Ryback Causes A Stir On Twitter After WWE Live Event

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There were a series of strange Tweets made from the verified Twitter account of Ryback located at following Saturday night's WWE live event in Buffalo, New York.

After the live event, which saw Ryback and Curtis Axel go under to The Prime Time Players, the former number one contender spent time Tweeting nonsense on the social media platform (nonsense on Twitter?). The Tweets appeared to be satirical in nature following his controversial match at last Monday's WWE Superstars taping that left Dolph Zigglerwith a concussion.

Ryback has already re-formatted his Twitter account, however, his activity is archived here on dot com. In case the Tweets are removed, I took screen shots and uploaded them below:

2:30 PM EST January 12, 2014 Update: Ryback posted four more satirical Tweets just after Noon EST on Sunday. One of them teased the crowd chanting "Ryback" and "Ryback Rules" at his "last show" Saturday night. It's just Ryback getting some attention for himself and furthering his heel character, there's no reason to read anymore into it. End update.

Ryback Tweets 5
Ryback Tweets 5
Ryback Tweets 4
Ryback Tweets 3
Ryback Tweets 2
Ryback Tweets 1

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