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Ryback Uses Back Injury To Hit Back At CM Punk

Ryback vs. CM Punk

We wrote yesterday that CM Punk’sUFC debut fight against Mickey Gall has been delayed due to a back injury that required surgery. Ryback took the opportunity to take a shot at the former WWE Champion with the following tweet:

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This heat goes back to 2013 and was something Punk highlighted in his tell-all interview with Colt Cabana in November 2014. Punk claimed his programs with Ryback took “twenty years” off his life and referred to him as “steroid guy.” Punk detailed a blown table spot he did with Ryback, where The Big Guy missed the table and injured him. He claimed to ask Ryback if he was doing the stuff intentionally.

We covered the aftermath of the blown spot — which occurred on the September 23, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw — in our Backstage Raw News from that week.

Below is our report from September 24, 2013 in its entirety:

We’re told Ryback took major heat over the gorilla table bump spot with CM Punk on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Ryback’s only job was to put Punk through the table. Well, as seen on Raw, not only did he not direct Punk but he turned his wrist at the last second and caused Punk to almost miss the table and barely catch any of it on the way down. The nasty bump caused Punk to be legitimately busted open and receive medical attention backstage. Rather than apologize, Ryback told a producer that Punk “should have bumped better.” Punk apparently found out because he and Ryback ended up having words over it. We’re told the entire thing nearly came to blows when Curtis Axel stepped in and tried to play the role of peace maker. Triple H ended up getting involved, pulling Ryback aside and speaking with him behind closed doors.

There has been heat between Punk and Ryback ever since, with Ryback responding to Punk calling him “steroid guy” by calling Punk ”fragile and insecure.” Ryback also claimed Punk never confronted him.

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