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Ryback Continues To Restore His Image

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Ryback continues to restore his image to his fans following responses to comments that CM Punk made about him. As we reported on Friday here at Wrestling News World, Chris Jericho hosted The Big Guy on his podcast to respond to Punk’s comments. Ryback Tweeted this:

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Ryback’s image restoration began when he returned to WWE from injury back in October. Here’s our report from the October 29, 2014 Backstage Raw News:

Ryback was well-received backstage. We’re told he had a different demeanor than before and came off great. Ryback wasn’t known for having a good attitude (I had a member of the international media tell me they contacted WWE over an interview they did with him), but he had it all put together on Monday night.

This has been a far cry from the list of incidents that resulted in his de-push late into last year.

Controversy surrounding Ryback was reignited when CM Punk publicly called him out, which elicited a response. Since then, Ryback has quelled many of his critics.

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