Ryback Cuts Promo On Injuries From Hospital Bed

Ryback stated in a new video posted on YouTube that he's been working for "about seven months" with a strained groin and two sports hernias.

The recording was apparently done from a hospital bed as he was wearing a surgical hat and oxygen on his nose (with the sound of an IV pump/heart monitor in the background). While some will suggest this is part of some type of angle, he did use a NSFW word that doesn't exactly go along with WWE's PG initiative but take this for what you will.

You can watch the video at this link or embedded in the video below:


Ryback Tweeted the following on Monday:

Going away for a while to get some stuff fixed. Have not been myself for quite some time. Ps sorry punk…

WWE claimed on this week's episode of Main Event that he's out injured.

Richard Reacts: I was just waiting for Steve Austin to burst in there wearing a doctor's mask and hitting him with the bed pan. All of the best if this is legitimate, if not it could be character progression of some sort.

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