Ryback Is Exactly Where He Should Be In WWE But Still Not Transcendent Superstar

Ryback Reboot

Two years ago we had a run-in with Ryback after writing on this website that he was a valuable midcard talent but not a transcendent main event superstar. He responded to what we wrote about him in a tweet that was sent to my personal Twitter account completely unprovoked. Ryback wrote, “@wnwdotcom I understand ur miserable existence of living in ur own skin, but try 2 get a life. U suck as a fan and as a human. Btw nice chin.” You can read the tweet below:

Ryback Chin

Since then, Ryback has gone on to accomplish just what I thought he would accomplish. He’s a viable midcard talent that has helped with a secondary title (the WWE Intercontinental Championship) but he is not a transcendent superstar capable of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Remember, it was in May 2013 Ryback said no one has challenged John Cena for the top spot in WWE, implying he was coming for that spot.

Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote on Ryback on October 13, 2013 (two years ago from today):

A lot of people think that I do not see value in Ryback and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ryback’s size alone, at 6’3 nearly 300lbs, gives him plenty of value. The Great Khali, with his size and large international following, gives him value. However, just because someone has value does not mean that person is a top star. To give you a sports comparison, LeBron James doesn’t win his second NBA Championship if Ray Allen doesn’t hit a key three-pointer in a pressure situation. However, just because Allen made it possible for LeBron to win the title, his value is not more than James himself. This is a similar situation here.

When I look at Ryback, I see a guy with plenty of opportunities in the mid-card. I see someone the company could bring along by way of a secondary title and “see where it goes.” However, he’s been continuously force fed off and on as a top guy for a year now and is no further along today than he was at Hell in a Cell 2012. The rocket pack push didn’t work for Ryback like it worked for Sheamus. It hasn’t completely flopped, because there are some of you that are big Ryback fans, but it hasn’t established him as the next WWE Champion either.

I stand by those remarks today. Ryback has proven the naysayers wrong — he has talent — but he’s still not at the level of someone like John Cena. I’m a fan of Ryback in 2015 and I’m glad that WWE is booking him in the manner they are. The Big Guy still has me blocked on Twitter but as you can see, we were never attempting to sabotage him but just stating the circumstances based on our evaluation.

Ryback will challenge Kevin Owens for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday, October 25, 2015. We’ll have complete coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

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