Ryback: “I’ve Been Allowed Creative Control To Do What I Want To Do”


AZCentral.com has a new piece online featuring quotes from Ryback to promote next week’s Smackdown taping. In it, he reveals an interesting detail about creative control over his character in WWE. Below is an excerpt:

I can say that for me, personally, I 100 percent have been able to do anything I want to with Ryback. We’ve talked about things and certain elements, but I’ve been allowed creative control to do what I want to do. If Vince (McMahon, WWE CEO) doesn’t like anything, he would tell me and we’d correct.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: The Ryback character is much better now that it was a few years ago. He’s a good mid-carder in WWE but I don’t see him jumping to the next level. It’s not impossible because we never say never but I believe where Ryback is booked heading into Sunday’s pay-per-view is exactly where he should be.

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