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Ryback Mentions Cena's Ex-Wife, Dolph Ziggler & Mike Chioda Speak

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Ryback Mentions Cena's Ex-Wife

Ryback got personal with John Cena in a new Tweet posted Tuesday afternoon. Ryback Tweeted:

Cena and his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau were divorced last year.

Dolph Ziggler & Mike Chioda Speak

Fox Sports Australia has a new article online featuring quotes from Dolph Ziggler and senior WWE referee Mike Chioda. In it, Ziggler discusses the grind of traveling all the time and how he maintains a healthy diet on the road. He also talks about doing empty stomach cardio. Chioda reveals he was training to be a wrestler when Gorilla Monsoon told him the longevity in the business was working as a referee. You can read the article at this link.

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