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Ryback: The Nexus 'Was Not Used Properly Because Of John Cena'

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Ryback is always dropping interesting tidbits during his Conversation With The Big Guy podcast. In his latest, he has the ‘headline for the f*cking week’ for the marks. He believes John Cena killed The Nexus angle because eight guys were getting over naturally and he didn’t like it.

Below is an excerpt:

“It [The Nexus] was not used properly mainly because of John Cena. f--king marks, that's your headline for the f--king week. And it's a fact across the board. Everybody knows it and he did not want that to go any further than what it was going to go passed because it was working, because it was eight guys getting over naturally. That's why. God forbid guys get over naturally."

Ryback continued, "that's what happens when you get a noncompetitive athlete in the top position who's not used to competing in real life. That's what happens.”

Ryback took aim at John Cena early and often in his WWE career as his ultimate goal was to unseat Cena as the face of the company. He varied between doing so with a bad attitude with bizarre quotes to a good attitude with humble quotes.

We always felt Ryback wanted too much too quick and was quite green when he was pushed at the top. Although in Ryback's defense, his creative was poor and he was never booked to be a legitimate threat. His work in the main event as Skip Sheffield ended up being more effective than his work in singles competition as Ryback.

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You can check out Ryback’s podcast at this link and h/t to for the transcription.

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