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Ryback Reveals His Original Wrestlemania 30 Opponent?

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We don't usually cover a lot of Ryback's comments on his podcast because they tend to be outlandish and silly at times but this one was too good to pass up.

On a recent episode of his show, the Big Guy said that he was originally scheduled to face The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 30:

“Mark Carrano actually had showed me the WrestleMania card early. They kind of have an idea of what they want to do, obviously, ahead of time, and they had on it Ryback versus Ultimate Warrior. And I just said, ‘cool.’ But, in my head, at the time, it was during my heel deal, that first one, where it probably wasn’t gonna be a favorable position for me as far as all that. But I was excited, because I figured it was his one last moment in WWE. So, I thought it would be really cool. I didn’t think I would necessarily be the right guy for that, because I didn’t know anything about him. I didn’t know what kind of shape he was in, if he could wrestle or not, but I 100 percent would have done it, because I did everything that they asked me there.”

Ryback also mentioned that it probably would've been a quick match and he was not particularly stoked to potentially put the Warrior over at that point in his career. This would of course end up being two days before the Warrior succumbed to a heart attack and passed away.

As for Ryback, he ended up being in the Wrestlemania pre-show in a fatal four-way elimination match where he was pinned by Cesaro.

Despite the details stated, Dana Warrior took to Twitter to squash the rumors from Ryback:


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