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Ryback Shoots On The Internet, Wants To End The Streak, Rubs Abu Dhabi Media The Wrong Way?

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Ryback did an interview with local media in Abu Dhabi this week to promote WWE's current tour. My interest in the interview was heightened because I was told that Ryback was "not really up to doing media" for anyone in Abu Dhabi. I listened through twice and compiled the following highlights:

  • Ryback said that Paul Heyman was going to help bring him to the next level and while it's something that would have happened on its own anyways, having Heyman with him may speed up the process a little. He said he loves having Heyman around him.
  • When asked about his dream opponent for Wrestlemania XXX, Ryback said that a lot of people put a little too much credit in the Internet. He said it's run by a lot of negative people that should not have an opinion, according to him. Ryback said a lot of "them" have no clue how to live life. If he could pick one opponent for Wrestlemania it would be The Undertaker because he wants to be the guy to end the streak. He likes getting people mad and pissed off and for every person that says he doesn't deserve that or he can't do that, he will prove them wrong… because "all of you" suck.
  • Ryback said growing up he loved Razor Ramon, British Bulldog, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. He said there was no one he didn't like and he loved WWE. He said there was never a guy that he looked at that he hated. Another thing that blows him away about the business today is the fans can go on social media and complain about things.
  • When asked if he had any close friends in WWE, Ryback said he's there to be his best and that he gets along with everyone very well. He said as far as guys he would consider friends, he's kind of a lone wolf but he gets along with Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett very well. Ryback said he travels alone, works out alone, eats alone and goes back to Vegas alone. He said he's not there to be buddy-buddy with everyone.

You can watch the interview for yourself at this link or embedded in the video below:

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