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Ryback Talks CM Punk's Comments On Talk Is Jericho

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Ryback is a guest on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho at this link. I haven’t listened yet but the promotional material for the episode is as follows:

Ryback is speaking about the CM Punk's recent comments & he's doing it right here on TIJ! Ryback's also got a great Dusty Rhodes impression, the back story on "Skip Sheffield," his very own WWF bell hammer, an update on the injuries that nearly ended his career, and words of wisdom he never actually heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger! "Feed Me More! Feed Me More!”

Usually there are three sides to every story. In this case, there is Punk’s story (1), Ryback’s story (2) and the truth is probably somewhere in-between (3). People that like Punk are going to defend Punk, while people that dislike Punk, are going to defend Ryback.

While I believe we can conclude Punk was exaggerating when he stated his program(s) with Ryback “took twenty years off his life,” Ryback’s claim about WWE not allowing him in the ring with top stars if he was dangerous isn’t exactly valid. After all, The Great Khali is actually a former World Heavyweight Champion and was not known for his wrestling ability. We can probably all make a list of talent that were not/are not safe that were allowed to work top talent.

With that said, here's the episode:

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