Ryback's Bizarre Tweets Explained With New Gimmick

For those that missed this week's episode of WWE Main Event (results/video highlights), Ryback did a lap around the ring after every match, including the Bad News Barrett segment.

This is the new wrinkle for Ryback's character as he's booked to be an "insane" heel. At one point the question was raised on commentary if viewers had heard of a "paranoid schizophrenic," (implying that's what Ryback was). This explains the bizarre social media behavior now coined as "Tweet and delete."

Many fans started to question the stability of the former number one contender when he went on a bizarre Twitter rant after Saturday night's WWE live event. The Tweets continued on Sunday and even seemed to get personal after this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

As it turns out, the entire thing is an elaborate work to try and generate heat virally. Apparently we weren't the only ones that thought Ryback had "lost it" as people within the company had questioned his eccentric behavior. Ryback is cordial at shows, however, he's not close with anyone and generally keeps to himself.

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