Sami Zayn Speaks Out Against Demonization Of Muslims

Sami Zayn

In a recent interview on ESPN, Sami Zayn (using his real name Rami Sebei)was not shy regarding his feelings about the demonization of Muslims perpetrated by the current administration. He spoke on the travel ban and Donald Trump specifically:

He tweeted, "I can't articulate how truly disgusted I am right now," following Trump's signing of an executive order to that effect. Sebei has continued to post messages of hope and anguish over the last few weeks. "The fear, hatred & division sold to us is a much bigger problem than our struggling brothers and sisters are. CHOOSE an open heart over anger."

After the Quebec City mosque shooting, Sami wore an armband with the Fleur De Lis imprinted on it during RAW as did Kevin Owens.

Sami spoke on his possible future regarding his citizenship status in the US:

While Sebei has permanent resident status in the United States, where he's performed regularly as a wrestler for more than 10 years, as the political landscape continues to shape itself in this country, Sebei is unsure as to when, or if, he'll ultimately seek citizenship in this country.

"I'm a Canadian citizen but I do have a green card," Sebei said. "I would consider U.S. citizenship down the road, but we'll have to see how the political sphere unravels in the next few weeks, and few years."

He also talked about the need for a role model for anybody of any race or creed.

"I think it's important for youngsters from all walks of life to have some sort of representative that they can look up to and aspire to be and let them know there's a chance for anybody from any background," Sebei said. "That's the spirit of America, right? Anybody from any background can make it anywhere with enough hard work. I think the more people from all walks of life who speak up and the more diverse success stories we have, the better that is for our youngsters growing up, knowing they can attain those same goals just like anybody else."


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