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Samoa Joe On Facing Brock Lesnar; Jeff Hardy On "Broken" Gimmick In WWE

Jeff and Matt Hardy

Samoa Joe On Facing Brock Lesnar

Now that Samoa Joe has emerged victorious after the 5-way main event at Extreme Rules, he will move on to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire. Joe was on last night's Raw Talk to discuss that and talked about taking himself to a "dark place" in order to compete with the Beast:

“My preparations will be not very different from what I already do. And you’re right, this is a dream match to many people in this world. Cuz let’s face it; we all try to act like we’re good people. We all try to act like we love and care about each other. But me vs. Brock Lesnar is what people really want. It’s when you wake up in the morning and you look for conflict. You look for two gentlemen who will do whatever it takes to beat the other man into submission. You think about me, and you think about Brock Lesnar. And I am more than prepared to take myself to that very very deep, dark and violent place to get the job done. And I’m just very happy that I have this opportunity to do so.”

Jeff Hardy On "Broken" Gimmick In WWE

On a recent episode of Talk is JerichoJeff Hardy was asked about the possibility of using the "broken" gimmick in the WWE along with Matt. He responded that he really doubts it will ever happen because they were already getting cease-and-desist letters about it in Ring of Honor but added that he would like to emerge as Brother Nero one day if the opportunity presents itself.

Of note, Jeff did mention that Billy Corgan was a huge helping hand in filming their insane vignettes including sticking with them through two long nights of filming.


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