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Santino Discusses End Of WWE Career, In Running For Smackdown GM

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Santino Marella

Ryan Rider of Main Event Radio interviewed Santino Marella, who spoke about the end to his WWE career.

Basically, Santino’s WWE career was ended due to a neck injury. WWE had the option to extend his contract due to the injury that would have lasted until 2017, however, they decided against invoking that clause. WWE routinely adds time to contracts where significant time is missed due to injury. Because time was not added to Santino’s deal, he was released in June 2016.

There was never any heat between WWE and Santino and there was even consideration about giving him a non-wrestling role. Santino stated he thought he was in the running to be Smackdown General Manager. He would be open to returning but it would have to be one-day a week.

As far as his health now, here’s what he said:

"Health is awesome. I recently did laser light therapy on my lower back and my back feels like I'm in my 20's. Unbelievable. I tried it on my neck though and after double fusion [surgery] it's not bringing my neck to how I want it to be. My mobility for day-to-day life is perfect.”

Rider’s complete interview is available at this link.

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