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Sara Amato (NXT Trainer) On Mae Young Classic, Lita On Commentary & More

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Sara Amato

Sara Amato, the NXT trainer for the female athletes, recently spoke with Rolling Stone and commented on the Mae Young Classic being a great push for women's wrestling:

I think so too, but I think it started a lot longer ago when they hired me. I think that was the beginning of it – Triple H and Stephanie seeing the need for a female trainer to train the women. We had so much potential and ability, they just needed a voice and one direction to follow. The men who worked with the women in the past did an amazing job with them but it’s just a lot different. It really started with them giving me the opportunity to lead the girls like Paige and Charlotte and Emma and give them the platform and kind of be their voice behind and fight for them behind the scenes a little bit.

On Lita as a commentator and if she will continue to do so:

I hope so. I thought she was great. We just haven’t had a women’s voice on commentary in a long time, if ever, regularly. I’d be interested. It’s such a different perspective, especially with our audience right now. It’s so diverse and probably over 50 percent women at this point, so it’s important to get that perspective heard.

On the Four Horsewomen and if she has trained Ronda Rousey at all:

No. Shayna came down to train for the tournament and Marina (Shafir) is married to Roderick Strong, so she’s been at our TVs and stuff and I did meet Jessamyn (Duke) and Ronda. They’re huge fans and super cool people, so I’d be interested. I thought (the faceoff) was awesome at the taping and I’d be so interested as a fan to watch if it did come to fruition.


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