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Sasha Banks On Her Character Being Underutilized in WWE


In a recent interview, Sasha Banks talked about some of her accomplishments in WWE including participating in Money in the Bank:

"It was such a dream come true to be part of the Money in the Bank Ladder match. It's so crazy, watching Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon and now I am here doing exactly what they were doing, so it's a dream come true. I thought the women killed it better than the guys. I can't wait for next year and hopefully, I get the briefcase next year."

Banks addressed the question of being underutilized in the company:

"I feel like I go out there every single week and give it 110%, and as I was told by a good friend, as long as you work hard you can't be unhappy with yourself. That is what I do every single week that as long as I am going out there every single week and giving it 110%, I can't be mad. Whether they want to push me or not, I am always going to give it 110% and will always be the Legit Boss and keep on putting on great matches and stealing the show. I am honestly living my dream every single day so there aren't too many things to be mad at, I'm still going to be the best though."

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