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Sasha Banks Comments On The Evolution Of Women's Wrestling

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Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks recently spoke with Stuff Magazine while doing a promotional tour through New Zealand in order to gain awareness for an upcoming trek through the land from WWE. Sasha was asked about the evolution of the women's division and had this to say:

“Five years ago we weren’t given this opportunity that we’re having now to be equal to the men. Just two years ago we were considered Divas, that was our brand name, and we had a championship that was in the shape of a butterfly. I was like ‘this is not us, we’re not divas, we’re superstars’. And so two years ago we changed that. We have all different shapes, sizes, all different looks, and it’s so beautiful to see, because legit five years ago it was all models. Now, the sky’s the limit.”

She isn't the first nor the only one to take shots at the original "butterfly title." Even at the time of its debut, many people were skeptical of its design and felt like it almost belittled the work of the female superstars.

Sasha is also pretty honest in general such as when she responded in the affirmative when a fan asked her point blank if the Great Balls of Fire logo resembled male anatomy.


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