Saturday Morning News Update 5/2: A.J. Styles Return Set, Speculation on Otis/Ziggler Main Event, and Hacker Post A Teaser

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It's being speculated that Braun and Bray was placed around quarter 3 of Smackdown to help put the most visibility on this angle. This quarter has done well over the last month which is why they placed the title angle in that spot. Otis and Mandy hitting in the second hour and in the main event of the show was to change things up due 2nd hour decline in audience.

A.J. Styles is set to make his return to television this Monday Night on Raw. We are being led to believe that he will be in the Money In The Bank qualifier gauntlet match. The men's Money In The Bank match currently has 1 spot open with Daniel Bryan, Baron Corbin, Otis, Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio. The last time we saw AJ Styles was at WrestleMania losing to The Undertaker. 

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