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Saturday Night AEW Dynamite Recap 8/22/20

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AEW Dynamite would preempted by the NBA this week and moved to Saturday. The show was actually delayed by almost 30 minutes due to the NBA game that was on prior to the show running late. We will have all the viewership and ratings information for this show on Monday when it is released.

The format of this show and layout of the matches was honestly one of the best for AEW in 2020. It featured it's tag division which is extremely smart as it is definitely the strong point of AEW. It featured 8 different tag teams (not including the Women's Cup Finals) and pushed forward multiple different stories in each segment. FTR has now seemingly aligned with Tully who also manages Shawn Spears. You have to wonder if the three of them will move forward together and possibly even pick up a 4th member and align a new "horsemen" type faction that has been rumored for some time. 

The division also pushed forward the "snapping" or "heelish tendencies" of Kenny Omega. He and Adam Page have seemed to be moving in separate directions as of late and not even involved in each others segments. It's very different to see two tag team champions have completely different segments going on but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Eddie Kingston also did what he does very well and that was cut a promo after the 8 man tag match. Honestly for me it felt a bit flat and as of this writing I'm really unsure of what he is doing it. Obviously AEW has an idea for what he should be doing with trying to align the heels after the match but for me it just didn't connect.

Darby Allin had a match with Will Hobbs and this was a fine match designed to put Allin over and get him a win on TV. This was all about the post match angle with Ricky Starks coming out as Darby and he and Cage putting a beat down on Allin. The segment was fine and I like that they are pushing forward this angle with the underdog baby face lying and the two much bigger men standing tall over him. 

The show also feature six non match but angle moving segments on the show. The first two I'll highlight were MJF and Jon Moxley and to be honest, I really disliked both of these. We know why these two are feuding, it's for the AEW championship and I understand MJF wanting to ban the paradigm shift but I don't really like the political schtick. Both of these promos fell a bit flat to me, hopefully as this feud continues we can get a bit more intensity and emotion behind it. 

A feud that is showing tons of intensity and emotion in it is the Sammy Guevara and Matt Hardy feud. These two have shown great intensity each week in this feud and I'm here for it. It is currently my favorite feud on the show and I hope they continue to bring this same level of importance each week to a non title angle. 

Chris Jericho also continued his feud with Orange Cassidy and it's yet another feud that I just don't care about. If I'm being honest this is one of my least favorite Chris Jericho characters. I understand he's been embarrassed by Orange Cassidy and I understand that it's a long term feud that is trying to put over and showcase a new young talent. However it probably also doesn't help that I don't like Orange Cassidy at all. This segment wasn't for me and I didn't enjoy it in the slightest. 

Let's talk about the ladies of AEW and how much time they got this week. Last night AEW featured three women's segments, one pushing forward Britt Baker and Swole's feud, one pushing forward a new credible challenger for Shida and then the Women's Cup finals. This might have been the most time the Women's division has ever gotten on an AEW Dynamite and I think each woman delivered in spades. 

Brandi Rhodes even delivered in both of her moments of the night as she looked good enough in ring in the Finals match and also concluded the show with a nice moment for Anna Jay. Yes the main event of the show was Brodie Lee and Cody and the end of the show was nothing about match quality and all about storytelling. AEW chose to put over Brodie Lee in a big way by essentially squashing Cody and the match isn't even worth watching. However the conclusion of the show is absolutely worth watching, as Brodie Lee showed a side of him that made him very interesting.

He and his group for the first time, truly looked dangerous as they took out Cody, Dustin and Brandi Rhodes on the entrance ramp after the match. It's interesting that they chose Lee for this role and not Brian Cage, Lance Archer or Jake Hager. We'll see if Lee's opportunity, his chance to finally show himself as a monster with a singles title will pay off on a bigger stage. 

Overall I thought the show was fine quality wise and I really appreciate how much emphasis they are putting on their stories moving forward. I still had issues with some of the officiating and I'm not sure why there has to be a gauntlet match to determine the number one contenders when clearly the #1 ranked FTR should be. The flow of the show worked really well and overall I give the show a letter grade of a B. 

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