Saturday Evening News Update: Kelly Kelly Set For A Return, Sting Dream Match, and Potential Suitors For Big Four PPV's

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It appears that Kelly Kelly may be seen more often after her return in this past Royal Rumble match. It was noted on Jerry Lawler's podcast that after speaking with Kelly Kelly backstage at the Royal Rumble event that she might be around on a more "semi-regular" basis. 

Kelly Kelly

It seems that rumors are running rampant that Sting could be making a return to the ring. According to multiple sources, there is a lot of talk going on right now that Sting could be making at least one more return to the ring and speculation would have it that it could be a dream match against The Undertaker. 

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Every since the call ended last Thursday regarding WWE possibly selling their Big Four PPV's to another streaming services rumors have run rampant on who it could be. Many believed that the upcoming Peacock Network (owned by NBCU) would be a landing spot that makes sense, also ESPN plus and the success they have had with UFC also makes sense. Today however Amazon as become another name that could possibly air the major WWE events. 

Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

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