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Sean Waltman Describes The Backstage Situation After Racial Comments On RAW

Lavar Ball

On a recent podcast, Sean Waltman talked about being backstage at this past RAW and being in the thick of it when LaMelo Ball said the 'n-word' twice during the mizTV segment.

Waltman said that the situation was, as expected, a little haywire in the back and that some people were up in arms but Sean also put it in perspective: had it been one of "the boys" that did something like that in the ring the situation would have been a lot different. He added that LaMelo talks like that because of his age and ethnic background so it wasn't as much of a shock to him to hear something like that. He also noted that LaMelo felt completely out of his element out there and maybe something like that wouldn't have registered to him as inappropriate at the time.

Regarding the atmosphere following the segment, Waltman noted that LaVar Ball just walked straight to the back without saying a word to anyone. His sons, however, approached Vince McMahon and shook his hand despite the situation that had just occurred.


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