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Sean Waltman On Whether John Cena/Nikki Bella Split is a Work or Not

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Nikki Bella & John Cena

In a recent interview, Sean Waltman (as well as some of the rest of us) felt unsure about whether the recent split between John Cena and Nikki Bella is a work or just a device used to prop up the ratings for Total Bellas:

"Sometimes we don't even know. We don't know where the f--king line is. Here is the thing that Vince used to tell us: 'you're on 24/7.' So how the f--k do you turn that off? I'm rooting for their happiness, and if it means them not being together, then I'm for that too, not just because everyone on the outside looking in wants it to be this thing for them. I just want them to be happy."

Meanwhile, Cena has openly said in interviews that he wants to still be with Nikki while she has responded and noted that perhaps 'time' will cure their relationship woes and get them back together.

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