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Raw Results 9/8/14 - Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

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RAW Results September 8, 2014
From Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Jerry Springer is there for a Bella intervention. Jericho and Bray face off in a Steel Cage Match at the top of the hour.

Raw Starts


Going over the Bellas intervention with Jerry Springer. And Orton will face Reigns tonight. Cena has two weeks until NoC when he faces Brock Lesnar, and he's tearing through the Superstars, but Heyman has a warning for end. How will Jericho break the walls down when they're made of steel?

Steel Cage Match – Jericho vs Wyatt

The cage is dropping to the ring, and Jericho comes out in darkness, wearing a new blinkie jacket – quite spiffy. Jericho into the cage, working the fans. DEP! Bray tells Baltimore that they're here, blows out the lantern, and then comes out through all the fireflies, Rowan and Harper trailing close behind. Hugs and words to each of his followers, then he slowly climbs the stairs and into the cage.

"Y2J!" chants as they circle in the cage, then lock up. Jericho with the first move, but then Bray gains control with a side headlock and slamming Jericho to the mat. Drop kick to Bray, then another kick while he's down. Bray under the ropes is stomped, then Jericho slingshots Bray up into the bottom rope. Bray pushed Jericho off, then rushes the door. Jericho runs after Bray and stops. Dueling chants of "Let's go Wyatt!" and "Y2J!" Jericho takes Bray down for two.

Rights from Bray on Jericho, backing him into a corner. Bray fights back on Jericho in a corner, then whips him, but Jericho runs up the corner and climbs. Bray climbs up, pulls Jericho to standing up top. Jericho knocks Bray down, then comes off the top of the corner with an ax handle. Jericho whipped into the cage, then splashes against Jericho.


Bray runs at Jericho and throws his body against his gut for two.

Bray starts climbing, but Jericho up and grabs Bray's white pants. Jericho with Bray on his shoulders, falls back, slamming Bray to the mat. Harper is watching closely through the cage. Jericho uses the cage to pull himself up. They exchange blows, then chops. Jericho with the upper hand, takes Bray down. Bulldog on Bray, then a lionsault that was overshot, so most of it hit mat. Jericho sets up the walls, but Bray counters. Jericho sends Bray into the cage. Blows on Bray, then a drop kick on Bray against the cage, outside the ropes. More dueling chants for the two Superstars. Jericho climbs, but Bray up with rights, grabs Jericho. They exchange blows up there. Jericho heat butts on Bray up top. Bray sets up, and while Jericho tries to fight back by holding the cage, Bray is able to hit a suplerplex off the corner. Bray, with his back bend, walks out of the corner. Bray heads for the corner door, but Jericho stops him.

Jericho and Bray back and forth until Bray slams Jericho to the mat for a hard two.

Bray tries to pull Jericho up, but Jericho ends up staying on the mat. Bray works the fans, then tries launching Jericho, but Jericho on the corner and climbing! Bray up to stop him, sending Jericho to the mat. Jericho up, on Bray with blows up top, then a sick head scissors sends Bray flying from the corner. Jericho climbs on the corner, then to the top of the cage, but then Harper and Rowan are there, shaking the cage, waiting for him. Jericho ends up standing up top of the cage, holding the cable. Jericho shrugs, then flies down on a standing Bray. Jericho is left holding his knee on the mat to "Y2J!" chants. There's also a small smudge of blood between his eyebrows. "This is awesome!" chants. Jericho is ripping off his knee padding, really selling the knee. Jericho uses the ropes to struggle along. Bray rushes Jericho, but Jericho drops down and pulls the rope down so Bray eats cage. Jericho to the corner, but Bray grabs his ankles. Bray holds Jericho, attacks the knee, and they fight in the doorway. They fight, Bray on top of Jericho. Bray with blows, Jericho with elbows, then a big punch. Bray goes after Jericho's knee with punches, then rolls out from on top of Jericho to win the match.

Winner – Bray Wyatt (17:01)

Bray slams the cage door on Jericho's knee, yelling, "Is this your hero?" Jericho rolled back in, and Bray slams the door on his knee again. Bray into the cage, and Harper holds the door closed. Bray with another back bend in the corner, then stalks Jericho. Bray pulls Jericho up, as Jericho sells not being able to stand. Bray with Sister Abigail on Jericho. Bray poses over Jericho's body to very little reaction.

Backstage Segment

Kane - What a way to kick off Raw! What a way to kick off the new season of Raw.

Rollins – That Cage Match was brutal! (to Trip) Did you see that match?

Trip – I sure did. Kane, you got us off to a hell of a start. This is the season premier of Monday Night Raw, which means we need to put on something that no one (Orton comes in), no one will forget.

Orton – Just how unforgettable you want this to be. There's only one man here in the main event. It isn't the corporate suit, and isn't the corporate sellout, no, it's me. Hunter, with your permission, I'd like to do something to Reigns that makes what Rollins did to Ambrose look like just another day in Sunday School.

Trip – Well then Randy, you have my permission.

Orton – Good, then you won't forget it.


In Ring Segment

Ziggler in the ring in a black tux jacket and black v-necked t-shirt.

Ziggler – Last week was a very controversial week in Hollywood, several celebrities had their devices hacked via the cloud, and pictures leaked online. This kind of invasion is reprehensible. Not A-Listers, not B-Listers, not even D-Listers deserve to be disrespected like that. Well, maybe one D-List celebrity, you know who I mean, Miz. Not saying I hacked into his account, just saying I have some very interesting photos of Miz, and I think it would be a crime if I didn't share them.

A picture of Miz in a shower cap with goop on his face, wearing Evo skivvies purchased at Target, posing to be sexy.

Ziggler – I don't know what he's covering up. I hope that Herbal Essences under the cap. You think that's weird, this is a little bit weirder, right here.

Miz shaving his chest, making a funny face in a mirror as he shaves.

Ziggler – I thought he would be a waxer, but I guess it's painful enough to see him in the mirror each day. I've got one more that will take the cake. This is going to blow the roof off...

Miz comes stomping out with Sandow in tow.

Ziggler – Miz, what's up?

Miz – This is an outrageous invasion of my privacy! You are invading the sanctity of my home. Those photos were for medical purposes only. Know this, my people will sue you, your people, everyone in this building and around the world if you republish those photos. ("What?") Do you understand? ("What?") Do you understand? ("What?") I promise you Dolph, if you take this any further, I will make sure you never work in this town again.

Ziggler – Alright Miz, listen, if you say I can never work in this town, I'd better get my money's worth. Show it!

Miz, his bum blurred out, as Sandow spray tans him.

Ziggler – There's not enough spray tan in the world to spray into my eyes to help me unsee that picture Miz! Sandow, such good form. I don't see any tan lines. I don't know where it came from!

Sandow rushes in and takes a drop kick. Miz backs away. Zig-zag on Sandow as Miz slides in, but Ziggler is ready, so Miz backs off. Miz and Sandow seethe on the ramp as they show all the Miz pics again. Miz looks about to cry, and Ziggler is all smiles.

Announce Segment

They go through the Bellas and Orton vs Reigns later. Then a Tweet from Pete Rose – Good luck to my #cincy friend @JerrySpringer tonight on @WWE #RAW – My Final thought: Enjoy @BellaTwins but stay clear of @KaneWWE



Total Divas promo.

Rosa & Nattie vs AJ & Paige

Rosa and Nattie in the ring. AJ skips down to the ring, then in. Paige out to join her, as AJ glares.

Paige decides to start the match. Nattie takes Paige down, Paige reverses on the mat, Nattie kips up. Arm bar on Nattie, Nattie reverses and drives Paige back into her own corner and Rosa tags in. double suplex on Paige for two.

Paige on Rosa hard, then Paige mocks AJ's crawling, then head butts Rosa. Rosa reaches to tag out, but Paige won't let her tag out, and won't tag out herself. Rosa fights back, but won't tag Nattie in. Paige is all over Rosa, knees to her face through the ropes to almost no reactions from the fans. AJ grabs Paige by the hair and tags in. AJ locks on the black widow and Rosa taps out.

Winners – Paige & AJ (2:35)

Paige in AJ's face, screaming. AJ takes the Divas Title, then kisses it dearly, before nicely handing it back. Paige kisses it more sexily, then poses with it high. AJ looks pissed, then cocks her head, smiles, and skips off up the ramp, leaving Paige annoyed, confused and slightly pissed.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the opening match. They go to video of Jericho jumping off the top of the cage onto Bray, hurting his own knee and losing the match. After the match Bray beats Jericho down more.

Backstage Segment

Jericho is getting his knee checked out. It hurts, they decide to ice it, but then Orton is there attacking Jericho, slaamming him around the room, then hurting the knee more.

Orton - Sorry Chris, what can I say, it's the season premier.



Recap of Orton's attack on Jericho.

In Ring Segment

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and yea though I walk through the valley of Cenation, I fear no Thuganomics, for I am the advocate for the Beast, the Conqueror, the WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar. My clienthas authorized me to come here tonight and decimate some confidential information, and I want to deliver this warning as if I were up in the face of your hero John Cena. (heat) You see, my client, Brock Lesnar...

Cena's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Cena – Not to worry Mr. Heyman, I didn't want to stretch everyone's imagination. I'm right here, talk.

Heyman – That's why I always told Brock, up to SummerSlam, that it takes a special man to always be confronted by the truth as told by the greatest advocate, in front of these people, in front of a WWE audience, but, I must admit to you candidly, my client, Brock Lesnar thought you could come out here tonight, so Brock told me to drop a warning, and give you some inside information. John Cena, this is your lucky night, because I Paul Heyman have been authorized to tell you how to beat Brock Lesnar at NoC.

Cena – I'll save your breath, I know how to beat him. No secret strategy. Three words. Brock beat Taker at WrestleMania and we haven't heard a peep from him since. Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena at SummerSlam, and a week later Cena says, 'Let's go again!' NoC, my strategy is simple, never give up. This is ply playbook, and I doubt Brock Lesnar can read it, but I want you to give it to him, and tell him I'll see him at NoC.

Cena pushes his towel into Heyman's chest. Heyman takes it and laughs.

Heyman – Is is me, or can he not help be John Cena? With all due respect Mr. Cena, that's your biggest problem. You live to be John Cena. You live for the kid that waits and waits and waits for that opportunity for that live event where they can chant, Let's go Cena!" When Brock steps into the ring he hears only three people. 1 – the ref with the power to DQ him. 2 – Paul Heyman who strategizes his greatest victories. 3 – The suffering of his victims, like you John Cena at Brock Lesnar's hands at SummerSlam. You see, I'm here to tell you how to beat Brock Lesnar, and it's simple. Give in! Give into temptation. You hear all these people, you've busted your tail all these years and all these people say is, "Cena sucks! Cena sucks! Cena sucks!" It gets to you, doesn't it? It's one thing when a man of my stature and credentials says it, you have to listen, but what happens when that big, fat, ugly, unemployed guy yells, "Cena sucks!" One time, don't you want to tap into that hatred and resentment in your soul, and one time yell, "Shut up!" One time, one moment in your life and everything falls into place. I'll take you by the hand and show you. They yell 'Cena sucks!' and you yell, 'Shut up!' One, two, three. Shut up! Give in! Bust a rap on them! Show how much you hate when they get on your case like this! Like you used to.
Yo, yo, yo! You scream Cena sucks like the 6th row is your safe haven,
You're getting punked out in your hometown like the Baltimore Ravens!

Heyman – One time! You don't have to sell your soul to the Devil! The Devil sold his soul to me a long time ago, you don't need to see your soul to me. Lose the bands and t-shirt, lose hustle, loyalty and respect, then when you give in to that hatred deep inside your soul, you can be the one who beat the one in 21-1, or then, you can just be one of many victims that fell at the hands of the conqueror, Brock Lesnar. My client doesn't mind me telling you this, because John Cena, I believe in you, but my client, Brock Lesnar, just doesn't think you have it in you.

Cena starts to dive through the ropes, as if he will tell the fans off, but then stops at all the yelling. Heyman taunts him, Cena halfway out, sits on the ropes and listens, but then back into the ring – to heat – then a dueling chant. Cena thinks as he listens to the chants.

Cena – Shut up Paul Heyman! I see exactly what you're trying to do. At NoC, your client, Brock Lesnar wants to end John Cena, and so do you. And what it is you want me to turn my back on every single person who believed a word I said, I don't think so. In your world, it's easy. To pop you? To pop the guy in the second row? To pop those guys in the wife beaters right there? So they can say how evil Cena was, then run to the internet and tell me how I suck? I don't think so Mr. Heyman. You live in a world of eat, sleep, conquer, repeat. A shark infested world where only the strong survive, and if you needed to stab Brock Lesnar in the back, you'd do it with a smile on your face and ask for seconds. I will admit you're an intelligent man, but you know nothing about living life with a sense of purpose, and a sense of being, because in my world, the rules are simple, eat sleep, be John Cena, repeat, be John Cena, repeat, be John Cena, repeat, be John Cena, repeat... You want to know why? Because that's who I am! I was born to be that, I love being that, and I wouldn't change, even if I could! Guys like you, and some folks out here don't see the forest for the trees. I like being the guy who pushes that kid to get his homework done early so he can come see Raw with his dad. Here's what you also don't see. I don't mind being the guy who the dad yells, 'Cena sucks!' and after the show he comes up and says, 'I really don't like you, but thanks for doing right by my kid.' And I love being the guy, when I child is given one wish, their answer is that they want to hang out with John Cena for the day. You know how that makes me feel? (choking up) And I am damn proud to be the guy to meet people like Sgt. Davin Dumar, a ten year wounded veteran and Purple Heart recipient, all for what I do on a random Friday night, I get to meet him, my hero, a guy I look up to, and he says to me, that when he sees his leg is gone, and you gave me the strength to go on, thank you! A Purple Heart recipient give me the one reward he was given for his combat sacrifice. Standing there with a stranger, holding his Purple Heart, because he believes! That's why all I know is eat, sleep, be John Cena. And in walks an advocate like you who wants me to strip it all away, so I can win a match. Mr. Heyman, if I strip it away, what did I really win? I'm done talking, it's time to fight. I know you're an advocate, but this is where you should be happy. You see fury, you see rage, where I want to take that pudgy face of yours and pound it into clay!

Heyman, off mic, yelling that he's just an advocate, looking like he's going to have a heart attack wedged into that corner. Cena laughs.

Cena – But then the headlines read John Cena beats up Paul Heyman. I'll give you seven days I'll show up to fight. Bring your client, bring the one, Brock Lesnar! Because if he decides to show up, I'm getting in the ring to fight. If he decides to take another week off, if he decides to continue his vacation, if he sends you out to do business for him, well then Mr. Heyman, I'm going to fight you.

Cena plants his towel back in Heyman's chest.

Cena - Have a nice week Paul, I'll see you next Monday.


Sheamus vs Rollins

Sheamus to the ring. Rollins out to face him. Rollins rushes Sheamus who bats the case out of his hands.

Sheamus all over Rollins, backs him into a corner, into a short clothesline. Rollins rolls out to regroup. Ref starts to count, so Rollins in. Rollins on Sheamus with a kick and blows. Sheamus blocks, then slams Rollins face first to the mat. Again Rollins is trying to flee, but Sheamus all over Rollins with a suplex for zero.

Elbow to the top of a kneeling Rollins' head. Rollins into a corner, then whipped, but kicks Sheamus in the knee. Rollins all over Sheamus with kicks and blows. Sheamus telegraphs, is kicked, but then lifts Rollins for a rolling senton. Rollins sent out over the top.

Cesaro's siren, and he comes out to the stage in a lovely pinstriped suit.


Facelock on Sheamus, Rollins takes him down to the mat. Sans tie, Cesaro looks dapper as he came to ringside to scout Sheamus. Rollins rushes Sheamus and eats feet. Sheamus up top with a battering ram, but then shoulder first to the post. Flying clothesline from Rollins in a corner for two.

Facelock on Sheamus on the mat, and the fans are again quite quiet. Sheamus works his way to his feet, then slams Rollins back to the mat as Cole and King keep talking about Springer! Both slow to their feet. Sheamus ducks Rollins, and takes him down in a corner. A high knee, then another big knee in a corner. Irish curse back breaker for two.

Rollins lifted, but Sheamus is distracted by Cesaro grabbing the US Title blet. Rollins rolls Sheamus up for a long two.

Sheamus plants Rollins to the mat. Cesaro on the stairs with the strap. They struggle over it, then Sheamus lets go and Cesaro goes flying. A kick to the back of Sheamus' head in a corner, then a curb stomp for three.

Winner – Rollins (9:59)

Rollins heads off, and Cesaro on the apron. Off comes his jacket, then he unbuttons his cuffs and shirt. Off comes the shirt and he mocks Sheamus, pulls him up and slaps him. Neutralizer on Sheamus, and Cesaro poses over Sheamus with the strap to growing heat. Cesaro puts the strap over Sheamus' body, his music plays and he argues with the ref for a bit before laughing at Sheamus. Cesaro leaves the ring as the ref checks Sheamus. Video recap of the post-match attack.



Henry up in Rusev's face three weeks ago, Rusev fights back, but eats a WSS, then a splash. Rusev fought back and cost Henry a solid win last week on Raw. They will face off at NoC.

Stage Segment

Rusev out with Lana in red in tow.

Lana – Most of Americans do not know that the Star Spangled Banner was written in this decrepit city.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut up!
Ooh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light.
Everyone stood in awe of Russian Rusev's might!

Lana laughs and Rusev yells.

Lana – Here is the real national anthem in celebration of the patriot Rusev!

Russian National Anthem plays, with Putin on the tron. Lana tells him to 'wave' his flag again.

Announce Segment

King decides not only not to stand, but he kneels on the floor to show his distaste. Cole goes on to talk about the WWE Network, then to NXT TakeOver. They show video from NXT, The Next Generation!


Adrian Neville & Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd & Tyler Breeze

All four in the ring and waiting.

Breeze on Zayn with an arm bar, Zayn reverses it. Arm drag on Breeze, and takes him down to the mat, working Breeze's arm. Kidd tags in as Breeze kicks Zayn and Kidd holds Zayn for more abuse. Kidd in and on Zayn in their corner. Snap mare, then a kick to the back of Zayn for two.

Side headlock on Zayn on the mat. Zayn up, tossed Kidd off, but then eats an elbow Breeze tags in, and the announcers talk about Kenta as Kenta, so I guess Trip won that fight with VKM. Kidd tags in for two.

Facelock on Zayn on the mat and the fans are getting behind Zayn as Neville gets them clapping. Breeze tags in and Zayn is able to tag out. Neville is all over Breeze with kicks and blows, flying all over the ring. Standing moonsault, but Kidd breaks the count. Kidd out, Zayn flies out ontop of him. Neville flipped off, flips across the ring, then climbs. The announcers go crazy about Neville's amazing flying, then pinning Breeze for three.

Winners – Zayn & Neville (4:24)

Neville and Zayn are all smiles, celebrating quietly in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment
Steph heading for the ring.



Total Divas promo. It was E!'s top premier in four years.

In Ring Segment

Steph out in a black suit with a gray shell under her jacket.

Steph – God, it feels great to be back in Baltimore. It breaks my heart to see a family ripped apart like the Bellas. I wrestled my father in this building ten years ago. We've reconciled, but I've learned there's nothing more important than family. It's time to bring Brie and Nikki back together, and I could only think of one man who could do just that.

"Jerry!" chants.

Steph – It's my honor to welcome back to Raw, TV's icon and legend, Jerry Springer!

Jerry Springer comes out with Jason in tow. Jason on the ring first, holds the ropes for Springer, who comes in and takes the mic.

Springer – Thank you, and thank you Stephanie for that really nice introduction. You know, I've been dealing with family dysfunction the past 24 years, but when I heard about Nikki and Brie and was asked to come, why would I turn down being here, and on Raw? Yeah, so, here we are, let's get started by bringing out Brie Bella?

Brie out to new music, in gray leopard skinny jeans, a cut off Brie Mode shirt, and red stilettos. Video recap of Nikki verbally torturing Brie last week on Raw, then Brie fighting back.

Springer – Okay, I'm looking at that video, and is see you are abused by Nikki, then snap and assault her in the ring? The next day you tweet and apology to her. Why are you apologizing?

Brie – I don't forgive Nikki for all the horrible things she's done and said, she is my sister, I just shouldn't have stopped to her classless level.

Springer – When you say that, it makes me think that you think you're better than her.

Brie – No, she's the one who wished her sister died in the womb.

Springer – Let's bring out Nikki Bella.

Nikki comes out in a red halter bandage dress and sparkly stilettos. Nikki extends a graceless hand, Brie accepts.

Springer – This went better than I might have thought.

Nikki – I don't know what you thought would happen, I did accept her apology last week. But you know what, that doesn't mean I forgive her for all the years of being treated like a second class sister. You know what? I'm ready to move on because I'm a classy woman and have a lot going on for me right now. The third season of MY show, Total Divas premiered last night, I have a Divas Championship match in two weeks and couldn't be happier. So I'm not letting Brie's negativity bring me down. ("What?") Look at her, don't you feel sorry for her? ("What?") I feel so sorry for her Jerry.

Springer – Brie, she's saying she feels sorry for you. I'd be steamed.

Brie – Whatever happened at SummerSlam happened.

Springer – This happened long before SummerSlam, watch.

Video clips from Total Divas, where Nikki feels fat, Brie thinks Nikki is horrible, bridezilla, etc.

Nikki – Did you see what I've been through. You know Brie, I wouldn't be surprised if you were the reason Dad left us! I wouldn't stay with a daughter so attention seeking, so holier than thou, such a witch!

Springer – It's funny you mention your Dad, we tracked him down.

(Video) Dad – This whole thing is breaking my heart, it needs to be stopped, please help us Jerry.

Springer – Now your mom.

(Video) Mom – We've been through tough times as a family, you need to make this right for you, remember the bond no one could break. Nikki, I'm sorry you felt like you were in Brie's shadow, you seemed so happy. You sure know how much I love you. Brie, the responsible one, the mature one, the one who is always the bigger person, I need you to be that person now.

Springer – It seems like she's telling you swallow your pride.

Brie – It doesn't matter what Mom and Dad say, you cost me my match, you wish I was dead, and you broke my heart, but that's okay, at least I have JJ in my corner.

Springer – JJ is your younger brother.

Brie – Going to show a clip of him too?

Springer – We're going to do one better because JJ is right here, come on out.

JJ comes out in SKINNY jeans and a too tight blazer. He hugs Nikki, then takes Brie's mic.

Springer – JJ, you have known them more than anyone, who do you think is in the wrong here?

JJ – Jerry, I think we all know who is to blame here. (to Brie) You need to stop acting like the victim. (then to Nikki) Because you're not the victim Nikki!

Nikki – Me? You're joking, right? I am the victim!

The mics fly, Nikki grabs at Brie, Nikki goes down, bringing Springer, and Brie with her. JJ pulls Brie up out of the mess. Nikki up, goes after Brie, but ends up slapping JJ down. Brie spears Nikki, they're rolling around as Springer cowers from them. Steph in, she tries to grab Brie, but does an ungainly pratfall, and lands on Springer. All three women rolling around on Springer. Steph pulls Brie up off Nikki. Nikki tackles Brie back down. Again they end up by Springer, and as the ref swarm into the ring, Steph takes another pratfall, arms flying through the air. Shoes are removed, and it looks as though Springer might be slightly injured. They have trainers in the ring, checking on Springer's knees. Steph is right there, laughing with Springer, but he really is hurt, either his knee or ankle. They get him onto a stretcher. Steph is selling all of this, full of apologies to Springer, all embarrassed, so sorry about all this. A thumbs up from Springer as he's rolled up the ramp and out.

Video recap of the high points of the tumbling around the ring.


WWE Rewind

GoldStar feuding with the Usos and further trashing Jey's knee last week on Raw.

GoldStar vs Los Matadores

GoldStar to the ring together. Los Matadores in the ring. Splitscreen -

Jimmy – When you hurt one Uso, you hurt both of us, and we hurt you back. The hurt is coming real soon!

Stardust and Diego lock up. Side headlock on Diego. Diego blocks the corner and on Stardust with a chop. Stardust reverses a whip, but is taken down. Side Russian leg sweep and Fernando tags in for two.

Goldust tags in on Fernando, is worked over in a corner. Fernando whipped, then lands head scissors on Goldust. Stardust and Diego in. Stardust taken down. GoldStar outside, and Los Matadores fly out on them. Stardust with a cheap attack on the apron, then tags in. Fernando planted with dark matter for three.

Winners – GoldStar (2:11)

Video recap of the high points of the match. The brother pose on the stage, but Jey attacks from behind with a crutch. Jimmy is there to help with taking them out. The brothers head out around the stage.

Announce Segment

Cole sends out his condolences to Joan River's family and friends. She was at WrestleMania II. They show stills, then to a narrated video by King, of Rivers with Hogan, at WrestleMania, with Hornswoggle, the Bellas, and more. RIP Joan Rivers.



Recap of Rose taking out O'Neil and the bunny getting into it with Slater last week on Raw.

O'Neil vs Rose

Slater and O'Neil in the ring together. Exotic Express out with Rose.

O'Neil on Rose in a corner, kicking him down. O'Neil tosses Rose across the ring with one hand. The bunny is out, pounding on the apron. Rose on O'Neil, but then caught and tossed aside. O'Neil kicks at the bunny, the bunny looks ready for a fight. Slater flies off the stairs, but the bunny ducks. Slater flies. The a superkick on Slater. Party foul on O'Neil for three.

Winner – Rose (1:20)

Rose sends the bunny to climb. The bunny splashes O'Neil on the mat. Rose and the bunny dance and hug in the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match. They then head off with Exotic Express. Cole wants an exclusive interview with the bunny.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest at this time, Roman Reigns. What do you think Orton meant when he said that this will be a season premiere of Raw we will never forget?

Reigns – I don't know what he meant, but I do know one thing. He's the Viper, and he's got the venom, but I got the antidote. (cocking his fist) Believe that.



Recap of Cena telling Heyman off earlier tonight.


A look at Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar and Heyman talk about conquering the WWE 'Universe' and winning the WWE WHC. All clips we've seen before.

Announce Segment

They announce Brock Lesnar will be on Raw next week.

Orton vs Reigns

Orton to the ring.


Reigns through the stands to the ring to face Orton.

Orton rushes in and takes rights and lefts from Reigns. Reigns all over Orton, clotheslines him from the ring to solid pop. Reigns out to grab Orton, but ends up eating stairs. Reigns rolled in for two.

Orton showboats, and is blocked, eating a suplex from Reigns for one.

A sitting Orton pulls Reigns face first into a corner. Reigns whipped, comes out with a clothesline on Orton. Orton running the ropes flees the ring to regroup.


Orton, talking trash, slams Reigns' face into the stairs, over and over again. Reigns rolled in, Orton in after him, pins for two.

Facelock on Reigns on the mat. Orton on his knees is cradling Reigns' body in the hold. Backstage Kane and Rollins are watching the match closely. Orton telegraphs and take a head butt for it. Orton comes back by clotheslining Reigns out. Orton pulled out, but Orton all over Reigns with a big clothesline and a pose out there. The ref starts counting. Orton drags Reigns back into the ring and gets two for his work.

Orton's left eye is swelling shut from a welt under the eye. Reigns eats corner, then fists from Orton. Reigns reverses a whip, but then eats corner. Reigns explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Orton rolls out, so Reigns follows. Orton backed into the apron, then the barricade. Orton tossed in, but kicks at Reigns on the apron. They exchange blows over the top, and Reigns hung up on the top. Orton grabs Reigns' hair, and slams him into the buckle from the apron. Orton climbs, pulling Reigns with him. They are both all the way up, and Orton hits his father's suplex for a long two.


Headlock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns gets a second wind, up and free from Orton. Orton comes back on Reigns by slamming him back to the mat by his hair. Orton all over Reigns all over the mat, keeping that headlock on. Reigns to a knee, then his feet. Reigns fights free, then they exchange blows and kicks. Reigns manages to take Orton down, so they are both down on the mat. Slowly to their feet and Orton takes clotheslines, then a Samoan drop for two.

Clothesline on Orton in a corner, but Reigns comes out into Orton's sick power slam for two.

Reigns rolls to the apron, Orton smiles and licks his lips. Orton pulls Reigns up, but Reigns with a right and Orton through the ropes, taking Reigns' kick. Reigns ducks Orton, then Reigns clotheslines for two.

Reigns rushes Orton in a corner, Orton rolls up the corner, then 'vintage' Orton with his back breaker for two.

Orton to his feet, stares at Reigns. Reigns to his feet. Orton rushes and eats a foot. Reigns into another SICK power slam for two.

Orton laughs as the fans clap for them in the ring. Reigns on the apron, pulled up by Orton, and Reigns eat the DDT. Orton's chin is bleeding, from right below his bottom lip. Orton pounds the mat, is ready, but Reigns pushes off. Reigns with his superman punch on Orton's jaw. Reigns crawls to Orton. Orton motions for more. Kane, Rollins and a bunch of guys rush the ring. (20:30)

The guys set up the braces for the cage, and Orton calls the cage down. Kane sent flying from the ring. Rollins tossed out. Rollins sends a chair in, but can't get in before the spikes come down and lock in. Reigns with the chair, but Orton from behind. Reigns sends Orton flying into the cage on one side, then the other. Reigns sets up and spears Orton. Reigns with the chair stops Kane from coming through the door. That was distraction for Rollins to fly off the top of the cage onto Reigns.

"Holy shit!" chants.

Kane into the ring and on Reigns. Off comes his jacket and tie. Kane pulls Reigns up and slams him into the cage, then into the other side of the cage. Chokeslam on Reigns. Orton grabs the chair. Kane looks blown up (what's that about?). Orton with the chair slams the top of it down on Reigns on the mat. Orton slams the flat of the chair on Reigns' back at least three times.

Orton (off mic) - Today just isn't your day Roman!

More chair shots to Reigns. Rollins is struggling to show no pain, helps Orton set Reigns up on the chair. Rollins yells at Reigns to beg for it, that he made Reigns, and owes Rollins, and will destroy Reigns. "You sold out!" chants.

Reigns starting to get up, but then takes the curb stomp to the chair. The three stand over Reigns in the cage.

Video recap of the high points of the match. The three are still standing over Reigns in the cage.

Biggest Pop
Jerry Springer
Roman Reigns
Chris Jericho
NXT Superstars!

Biggest Heat
Bray Wyatt
Randy Orton
Seth Rollins

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