Second Report: WWE Raw House Show Results (11/02/11) - Dublin, Ireland


Wrestling News World reader Matthew Macklin sent in the following report:

I attended the WWE Raw house show in Dublin. The O2 looked to be close to full. The crowd was electric all night, probably the best atmosphere inside the O2 for a WWE show in a few years.

Santino Marella def. Drew McIntyre
Santino got a massive pop when he cam out. It wasn't much of a match. It was the usual Santino comedy performance. Santino won with the cobra. I can't understand why Drew isn't on TV. He stands out from the crowd.

Alex Riley & Primo def. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty
Looks like this match was thrown together due to Bourne's suspension and the end of AirBoom for the time being. Otunga is as bland as bland can be. McGillicutty showed some personality and dealt with a lot of chants from the crowd directed at him not being as good as his father. Riley was super over with the crowd. People seemed a bit confused as to why Primo was even there, but he looked good in the ring. Riley got the pin on Otunga with the TKO after a decent back and forth match. After the match Jack Swagger leveled Riley in the aisle and began to cut the usual anti Irish promo with all the cliches of the day and challenged anyone from the back to face him. Our section had a good back and forth with him about him stealing Angles gimmick.

Mason Ryan def. Jack Swagger
This is where the fun began. Our "Mason Ryan fear the wellness policy" sign got a lot of attention. The WWE photographer took a photo of it and said he agrees but he can't put it on the site. The security guy and Justin Roberts had a good laugh at it and Swagger was cracking up over it. The match wasn't anything special. Ryan seems to have improved in the ring. Ryan won with a powerslam and posed with and Irish flag after the match. Ryan is from across the water in Wales.

United States Championship - Triple Threat
Dolph Ziggler def. Zack Ryder & Kofi Kingston

Ziggler got a great pop when he came out. He's always one of my favourites to see live. Ryder got a monster reaction when he came out and he had his flip cam with him to film his YouTube show. Kofi got a good reaction as well. Ryder got a good laugh out of our "No boom for 30 days sign". This was a really really good back and forth match as you would expect. Ziggler pinned Ryder after he countered the Rough Ryder into a superkick. After the match Kofi and Zack laid out Ziggler with the Rough Ryder and the Trouble in Paradise.


Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix def. Eve Torres

This was better than what you usually see from the Divas on TV. Beth had a lot of CM Punk & Chyna chants directed at her. She didn't seem too pleased with the Chyna comparison. Beth won with the GlamSlam.

Mick Foley Returns!!
Justin Roberts announced a special referee for the next tag team match.
When I heard the car screeching at the start of Foley's music I though it was a joke until I remembered Foley was in the country for his comedy tour. The reaction for Foley when he appeared through the curtain was off the charts!!! It's not everyday you get a surprise like that at a house show. Foley got on the mic and said that Vince always told him he could pop in for a visit every once in a while until he was interrupted by Awesome Truth's rap. Miz went on to cut an awesome promo on Foley and how nobody cares about him anymore. John Morrison and John Cena then came out and we had a tag team match.

John Cena & John Morrison def. The Miz & R-Truth
Thankfully Morrison worked the bulk of this match. Cena only came in briefly at the start and then for the hot tag at the end. Miz and Truth are incredible to watch in person. I was lucky to get to sit in their corner and watch then up close. Truth got a lot of little Jimmy chants directed at him. Cena pinned Miz after an AA on Miz.

WWE Championship
CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio via DQ

Ricardo Rodriquez was introduced. He introduced Del Rio to incredible heat which Alberto ate up.. The reaction for Punk was off the charts. Ricardo is great to watch at ringside. He spent the whole match causing trouble with Alberto's scarf. This match was awesome so it looks like were in for a treat at survivor series. There were loads of believable near falls at the end until Ricardo caused the DQ. Punk fended off Alberto and Ricardo himslef until Miz and Truth got involved. Cena, Morrison and Foley made the save. Miz ate everyone's finisher including Mr. Socko. Punk thanked the crowd for coming and said he was part Irish. He then posed with an Irish flag and sent the crowd home happy.

Overall this was an excellent show. The Foley surprise really made it a night to remember!

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