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Second Report: WWE Smackdown House Show Results (1/14/12) - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Wrestling News World reader Brendan A. sent us the following report from last night's Smackdown house show from the PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

Hornswoggle opened the show to welcome the WWE back to Vancouver. Cody Rhodes interrupted and shoved Hornswoggle into the bottom turnbuckle. Ted DiBiase made the save, which lead into the first match.

Ted DiBiase d. Jinder Mahal

After the match, Cody Rhodes came out and attacked DiBiase, which cleared the ring for the next match.

Drew McIntyre comes out and downplays his recent losing streak, saying that he will win the Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania 28.

Yoshi Tatsu & Trent Barreta d. Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater

Hunico (w/ Camacho) d. Ezekiel Jackson

After the match, Cody Rhodes attacked Ezekiel Jackson, setting up for the next match.

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes (c) d. Justin Gabriel

Rhodes continued beating down Gabriel after the match, but Ted DiBiase and Hornswoggle made the save. Hornswoggle managed to hit the Tadpole Splash on Rhodes, followed by a 450 Splash by Gabriel.


Alicia Fox d. Natalya with Special Guest Referee Aksana. After the match, Natalya put Aksana in the Sharpshooter, much to the delight of the Canadian crowd.

Out next is Wade Barrett who cuts a promo on how he injured Randy Orton, and that he has turned his sights to Sheamus.

Sheamus d. Wade Barrett

The main event is announced as for the World Heavyweight Championship. Out first is Daniel Bryan, who attempts to cut a promo. For nearly 5 minutes, everytime Bryan attempted to speak, the crowd would loudly boo him. Bryan eventually managed to say that he was dedicating tonight's match to the recently injured AJ.

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show d. Daniel Bryan (c) by DQ

Wade Barrett and Jinder Mahal came out to attack Big Show after he hit the Chokeslam. As Daniel Bryan rolled out of the ring, Sheamus came in to make the save, which eventually lead to a Double Chokeslam on Mahal and Barrett by Big Show to end the event.

Biggest Pops
Big Show

Biggest Heat
Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett
Cody Rhodes

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