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Second Report: WWE Smackdown House Show Results (4/12/12) - Dublin, Ireland

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Wrestling News World reader Adam O'Brien attended yesterday's WWE Smackdown live event in Dublin, Ireland. Below are full results:

Last night I attended the first house show event of the SmackDown Wrestlemania Revenge Tour, from the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

As I was at Wrestlemania and all of it's festivities in Miami, I wasn't expecting the show to be amazing or anywhere near a five star event, and although I was mostly right, it wasn't a terrible show at all.

Most of the matches were great, and there were a lot of Superstars that got on the microphone. More than I usually see at a House Show. Not to mention Sheamus' return to his hometown as World Heavyweight Champion. It was a great show.

The show started as usual, with the lights going out and a voice announcing the no-smoking rules and emergency exit stuff, blah, blah, blah, followed by Lilian Garcia getting announced, and welcoming the crowd to SmackDown, and introducing the first participants of the night.

The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal
Worst match of the night. The best part was Lilian dancing to Khali's entrance theme. It was just like any Khali match. He looked dominant, got beaten around a bit by Mahal, but came back with a huge Brain Chop followed by a match-ending Khali Bomb for the three count.
Winner via Pinfall: The Great Khali

After Khali had left the arena after shaking hands with some fans at ringside, Lilian introduced the Special Ring Announcer for the next competitor.

Out comes Ricardo Rodriguez, who does the usual announcement for Alberto Del Rio. I was surprised to see Del Rio this far down the card, and was also surprised when he didn't get involved in the main event, but It's understandable considering how last night was pretty much about Sheamus.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Yoshi Tatsu
In a match that couldn't have been much longer than the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania, Del Rio forces Yoshi to tap out quickly with the Cross-Armbreaker.
Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio

After Yoshi had been removed from the ring, Del Rio got on the microphone and got the crowd really angry by "accidentally" calling the crowd English. After Ricardo corrected him, he went on, saying how English, Irish, Scottish, etc, were all the same, and how none of us deserved to be in his presence. He told Rodriguez to continue, and he pretty much repeated what Del Rio said. What confused me a bit, was that they said they couldn't wait to get back to England, when I was sure they were insulting England as much as they were insulting us.

Anyway, they were interrupted by Ezekiel Jackson, and after he chased them around the ring a little bit, they started the next match, which was Alberto Del Rio's second match of the night.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Ezekiel Jackson
The match wasn't bad, much better than the first two anyway. Alberto Del Rio won again in the same fashion to how he beat Tatsu. The Cross-Armbreaker.
Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio

There was one thing that bugged me though. I can't remember if it was with Tatsu or Jackson, but when one of them was tapping out, the referee took way too long to call for the bell, when the guy was clearly tapping for a very long time.

The next match was a tag team match, and out first was the team of William Regal and Tyson Kidd.

The crowd was really happy to see Regal, and he got on the mic, and said that he didn't think he would ever be returning to Ireland again. He then said that the Dublin crowd has always hated him over the years, but he has always loved coming here. I found that quite nice. Then out come Hunico and Camacho to start the match.

William Regal & Tyson Kidd vs. Hunico & Camacho
This match was great, with Tyson getting some great counters and moves in, as well as Regal. It was a bit weird, because I saw some occasions where it looked like Camacho was tagging himself in from the outside, and I'm pretty sure that high five between the two looked like a tag, even though it wasn't counted as one, but it was a great match anyway. William Regal got the pin on Camacho after the hot tag from Kidd.
Winners via pinfall: William Regal & Tyson Kidd

This next match was for the Intercontinental Championship, and out came Cody Rhodes, who got on the microphone pre-match.

Seeing as I was heavily cheering Rhodes, and was really happy to see him as he's one of my current favourites, you can imagine I wasn't happy when he told us how he felt about Ireland. Apparently, he's hated Ireland since we shouted some pretty offensive things at him at a show a few years ago. Also, it turns out that one of our "Drunk Idiots" at the airport lost his bag this morning. He said he had one more bag with him though and that the Intercontinental Championship would fit perfectly in it. After a bit of this, he then said that we should be chanting "Co-dy, Co-dy, Co-dy", but even though me and my friend were both chanting it pretty loudly, aswell as others around ringside, he acted as if nobody was chanting.

Out came Show to a pretty big pop, to get the match started.

* Intercontinental Championship*
The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes
Rhodes started the match by avoiding Show by staying on the outside a lot, even hopping over the security barrier at one stage. Show got on the mic, and said that Cody's skirt must've been in the bag he lost. He then said that they were in Ireland, the home of the fighting Irish, and that they should get in the ring and fight. Cody did so, and the match was officially underway. It was similar to their Wrestlemania bout, but I think it might've been better. Similarly to Wrestlemania, Rhodes hit one disaster kick that didn't take Show down, and had to go for a second. Unlike 'Mania, he actually hit the second kick for a two-count. The match ended when Show hit the WMD, and got the pin. It was a really good match.
Winner via Pinfall: The Big Show

After some ringside celebration from The Big Show, Lilian showed off some of the merchandise on sale at the stands, and said that we'd have time to buy some because we were about to have a short intermission.

I found it a bit ridiculous that the event program was pretty much a copy of the one from the WWE World Tour back in November, so I didn't get one. I did, however, buy a WWE Tour t-shirt before the show.

After the break, Lilian introduced the Special Referee for the next match, Hornswoggle.

I found it funny that Hornswoggle got a very small pop, even though his gimmick is a Leprechaun from Ireland. Out came Natalya, followed by AJ for the night's Divas match.

Natalya vs. AJ w/ Special Guest Referee, Hornswoggle
Seeing as SmackDown has no heel Divas, which I feel should be fixed, Natalya had to play the heel for the night, but the crowd was still split pretty much down the middle. This was actually a pretty good match. I wasn't too surprised, as I know how talented Natalya is, and I know that AJ isn't bad in the ring either. It was nice to see these Divas get some decent time for a more-than-decent match. There were also a lot of "Yes" chants directed at AJ.

There were some funny bits in the match too. AJ and Natalya kept countering a pin into a pin into a pin, and so on, and Hornswoggle got really tired and stopped counting after a while.

The finish wasn't great. The match's heel, Natalya, who was mad at the referee, pushed Hornswoggle over, before it came back to bite her in the backside. Literally. Hornswoggle bit Natalya's rear end, which lead to Hornswoggle aiding in AJ's victory.
Winner via pinfall: AJ

Lilian said that we'd like this next match, as it was our style. Yes, this match was a Street Fight! Really, Lilian? Was she taking a shot at us, or what? I don't care either way, but I'm
just curious.

Mark Henry came out and got on the mic and spoke for a while about how he was going to induct Randy Orton into the Hall of Pain, because he's happy about this match being a Street Fight.

Orton came out to a huge pop, and the match was underway.

-Street Fight
Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton
I have mixed feelings about this match. One thing I can definitely say is that it was without a doubt, the worst Street Fight I have ever seen. Seriously, the only weapons used, were a Kendo stick, that Orton hit Henry with twice before Henry broke it with his knee, and a Steel Chair, which was used the same amount of times. Other than the fact that it was a bad Street Fight, the match itself wasn't bad at all. Orton and Henry put on a pretty good match together that had a great finish. Henry tried to whip Orton into the chair set up in the corner, but Orton ended up sending Henry into it head-first, followed by an RKO for the win. Final verdict: Great Match, Terrible Street Fight
Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

After the match, Orton shook some fan's hands around ringside.

Lilian then announced that WWE would be happy to return to Dublin in the future, and said that they will be returning with the WWE Raw World Tour on November 8th this year.

She then announced that the main event was for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Out first was Daniel Bryan, and I was happy that I wasn't the only one chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!", as I thought that most of the other fans would be booing Bryan because he was facing Sheamus.

A child in front of me, who was wearing a John Cena t-shirt, and had been turning around and looking at me and my friend the whole night (probably because of our "Yes!" chants and other chants), turned around again to look at us, so I decided to give him the John Cena "You Can't See Me" hand gesture because of his t-shirt, which seemed to have stopped him from looking at us.

Sheamus was out next, and got the biggest pop of the night by far, and with good reason. He actually looked a bit emotional, to be honest, which was nice. It was great to see him return home with the World Heavyweight Championship.

*World Heavyweight Championship*
Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan
This match was amazing, and was the best match of the night by far. Trust me, if this had been the opening match at Wrestlemania 28, instead of the 18 second match, I can assure you that a lot of people would've enjoyed 'Mania more. Especially Daniel Bryan. Even with Sheamus leaving with the gold. I know they couldn't have, due to time constraints, but still, this was definitely Wrestlemania-worthy. Both men got to hit most of their move-set on their opponent, and it consisted of great wrestling, with great counters, etc. It was just awesome. Sheamus won the match with the Brogue Kick, after lasting through the Lebell Lock.
Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus

Sheamus got on the mic post-match, and thanked every so much. He said that he loved Ireland, and that we were the best crowd in the whole world. He said that 80,000 people were cheering at Wrestlemania, and that we made more noise for him last night than 180,000 people could. A bit over-exaggerative, but it was awesome anyway.

He got a child no older than 4 or 5 out of the crowd, who was dressed like Sheamus, into the ring to celebrate with him, which was nice.

He stuck around for a while, and before it was all over, Lilian thanked us and said we were a great crowd.

All in all, I had a great night, and was pleasently surprised with how good the show got.

Biggest Pops
Sheamus (by far)
Randy Orton
The Big Show

Most Heat
Cody Rhodes
Mark Henry
Alberto Del Rio

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