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Seth Rollins Admits Resentment Towards The Rock, Mostly Due To Envy

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Seth Rollins did an interview with MIX 106.1 the day after The Rock made a surprise return to WWE on the October 6, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw. In it, he was asked how he feels about The Rock coming back. The interviewer mentioned that guys have complained about it in the past and asked Rollins for his thoughts.

Below is Rollins' response:

"I mean there is a little bit of resentment there, there got to be. But it's mostly envy because we all want to have the level of success that he [The Rock] has. We all want the ability to be able to walk into a room and be as well-received as he was, although he did take the cheap route (mentioning the cheap pop from his segment)… I'm all about buying in and not selling out."

You can watch the interview embedded in the video below:

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Richard Reacts: Seth Rollins was honest and well-spoken, which is very respectable. I can't stand it when people either dance around questions or refuse to acknowledge the truth. I liked how he was able to intertwine his heel character and also show his personality by joking. This is just another reason why I believe Rollins is going to be a top top guy for many years to come.

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