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Seth Rollins Announces Possible Return Timeframe for Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Ever since December, Dean Ambrose has been out injured and went through surgery on his triceps. It was expected that he would be out for about 9 months with that kind of injury. He was spotted alongside Renee Young in Birmingham last month indicating that he was starting to work towards his return to the ring.

Meanwhile as WWE continues their tour of South Africa, Seth Rollins commented on the injury during a stop in at a morning radio show:

"Ambrose is injured, yes. I don't know the whereabouts or the details of his injury," Rollins said. "He had some pretty extensive triceps surgery earlier this year, so, he's definitely still on the mend and rehabbing. But he'll be back and better than ever, you wait, Summer time, maybe late Spring. Somewhere in there I think, whenever that wily guy gets back to normal."

Rollins also wasn't too optimistic about a Shield reunion when Ambrose gets back either and many fans started speculating a while back that Dean could be made a heel to feud with Rollins upon his return.

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