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Seth Rollins Comments On Headlining WWE Hell In A Cell

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The Liverpool Echo featured Seth Rollins in a new piece to promote this week’s Monday Night Raw in the city. He spoke on several topics but I found it interesting what he had to say about main eventing last month’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Below is an excerpt:

“Aside from main eventing WrestleMania you really can't get any bigger than that. You've got two guys under the age of 30-years-old, who have been on the main roster for less than three years, and we're main eventing a pay-per-view, a major pay-per-view, Hell In A Cell, on a show that also features John Cena versus Randy Orton in a Hell In A Cell match as well. So that's a major milestone, and that's something that I'm real proud of, something that I'm going to take with me for a long time.

"It's basically a feather in our caps that we were able to put that together and make that mean so much. I think that's a testament to all the hard work and time that we've spent, just putting in the work, just grinding it out, and getting to that point. It was definitely terrifying up there but after the whole thing was done, I'm glad we had the opportunity to do that, and I'm glad we knocked it out the park.”

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: I’m really glad that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins got the opportunity to headline Hell in a Cell over Randy Orton vs. John Cena. However, I do not feel their match lived up to expectations. I’ll readily admit I went in expecting a MOTY candidate but what we got was a poorly executed high spot too early in the match (due to the camera or whatever) and a dirty finish. With that being said, I see Rollins as a legitimate top star and feel his stock is currently at an all-time high. I am very high up on both Rollins and Ambrose but feel too many people are giving their Hell in a Cell main event a pass based on 1) name value or 2) past reputation. Now that they have arrived they should be held to the same standard that we hold John and Randy too and let’s face it, the 1A and 1B proved their worth at the pay-per-view.

Monday, November 10, 2014 3:12 PM EDT Update: I know I'm going to get killed for what I said about the high spot but before you troll me, just watch it:


Ambrose jumped. If that's anyone other than Ambrose, the IWC is ripping this spot apart. End update.

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