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Seth Rollins Is World Champion!

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It was just March 2014 when I wrote an article entitled Seth Rollins Will Be World Champion. At the time, The Shield was rumored to be splitting up soon, and many fans thought Seth Rollins would be lost in the shuffle or the odd man out when the trio split. I knew it wasn't going to happen, and that's why I wrote that article. Within six months, the world saw that Rollins was being groomed to be the top heel in the company.

It's now April 2015, and Seth Rollins is World Champion!

What happened in a year? The Shield was stronger than ever, taking down Evolution at back-t0-back PPVs. On June 2, in Indianapolis, the exact location where The Shield formed in November 2012, Seth Rollins ended The Shield with just one chair shot. It was one of the most unexpected turns I've ever witnessed. Seth went on to officially join The Authority and win the Money in the Bank briefcase later that month. Rollins then feuded with former partners Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns through October.

Here he is, Mr. Money in the Bank, part of The Authority, cutting great promos, stealing the show, and finally main-eventing PPVs. Some of the same people who said he wouldn't make it began to notice that this guy is the real deal. So what's next for Seth?

Seth's wrestling career can be described as... perfect. Rollins started in the indie scene, made his way to FCW/NXT where he won every title possible in FCW and became the first-ever NXT Champion. Rollins debuted on the main roster with Ambrose and Reigns, where he and Reigns won the Tag Team Championships six months later. They dropped the titles after a successful reign, and continued to feud with the likes of CM Punk and Evolution. The group was at their peak when they split. Rollins received a singles push, becoming the walking number one contender to the WWE Championship. After going through Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Randy Orton, it was time to be "the man."

Back-tracking a little bit to September 2014: At Night of Champions, Brock Lesnar was defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena in the main event. This marked the "slow burn" that was Seth's journey to actually winning the title. Cena nailed Lesnar with an Attitude Adjustment, but Rollins ran down and caused a disqualification. Rollins was going to cash in his contract, but Cena stopped him.

January 2015, Rollins is entered into Cena vs. Lesnar at the Royal Rumble to challenge for the title without cashing in his contract. As the days dwindled down before the Rumble, more and more fans were convinced Rollins was walking out with the gold. The match was absolutely incredible, and was one of the best triple threat matches I have ever watched. In the end, though, it was Lesnar who retained.

WrestleMania 31 finally rolls around. Seth Rollins is scheduled to face another former friend turned foe in Randy Orton. That match, too, was awesome. Orton going over was just enough to let fans know that a cash in was imminent. It's finally main event time. My thoughts going into Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns were that if Brock retains, there needs to be a cash-in. If Roman goes over, I didn't want to see the cash-in until the following night on Raw. WWE did what nobody expected and made it a triple threat match! I was so shocked and excited to hear his music before the match was actually over. We saw 45 seconds of a thrilling match before Rollins curb-stomped his former tag team partner to take what belongs to him.

It truly feels like a Cinderella story, a dream come true. Rollins ran up the long ramp and waved that title around just like he did the NXT Championship. The fireworks went off and the crowd was electric. To top it all off, this moment closed an epic WrestleMania, AND Seth is the company's top HEEL!

Do I sound like a Seth Rollins mark yet? Most likely. It has been so incredible to watch a guy who started wrestling in Iowa and right here, in my home state of Illinois, go to the biggest wrestling company you could possibly ever imagine and win the championship on the grandest stage of them all! This article may just be a lot of reflecting on the past, but it's because this guy is my favorite and WWE gave him a wonderful career. The best part about it all is that it's not even near over yet. Rollins is only 28 years old, and will continue to leave his mark the company for at least five years, most likely more.

In the closing minutes of WrestleMania 31, I jumped and screamed at the TV as I was overwhelmed with joy. This image just describes it all:

Seth Rollins - WHC WM31

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