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Seth Rollins - Smartest Thing WWE Did Was Put Roman Reigns w/Me & Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins told Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes the smartest thing WWE did was put Roman Reigns with him and Dean Ambrose. Below is an excerpt:

"You know what, I tell him [Roman Reigns] this and we joke about it, but the smartest thing the [WWE] company did was put him with me and [Dean] Ambrose. Because when we met him, he started from scratch. Granted he's got a whole family history in the wrestling business, but he's a football player. He's an athlete and he's coachable, but like he gets it. Like he got it quick and he understood right away what we were doing. I think putting him with myself and Ambrose, who had the wealth of experience and the all the knowledge and traveling the road. We're in a car all the time, we're on the planes together, we're having the matches together. He was just able to soak up that information we were giving out like a sponge and you can see the difference. He was great when we came in, but look at him now and he's a completely different performer. It was the smartest thing they ever did, putting him with us."

You can watch the interview in its entirety at this link or embedded in the video below:

Richard Reacts: I absolutely agree. Roman Reigns was as green as grass and there were a lot of people that wondered how he would do with two guys that were pro wrestling veterans. As we've seen, the cream rises to the top.

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