Seth Rollins To Use Pedigree For Extended Period Of Time


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins will use the pedigree as his finisher for an “extended period of time.”

Rollins stated in a Q&A session at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con over the weekend that Wrestlemania 31 was the last time we’ll see the Curb Stomp for now. Rollins was careful to point out to “never say never.”

You can watch his comments below:

There continues to be misinformation pumped out regarding the former finisher of Seth Rollins. The move wasn’t necessarily banned, Vince McMahon just didn’t like it.

We ran the exclusive story here on Premium, explaining Vince hated the visual of Lesnar having to “lay there like an idiot” waiting each time Rollins had to give him the Curb Stomp. Vince put his foot down (pun not intended) after Wrestlemania 31 and gave the edict that Rollins needed a new finisher ASAP.

You can read that full report at the following link: The Main Reason Seth Rollins Ditched The Curb Stomp

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