Seth Rollins On Turning Heel, Bret Hart On Nattie vs. Charlotte, Roman Reigns On The Shield's Shelf Life


There are three notable interviews conducted by Canadian publications we have to tell you about that were done in preparation for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Montreal, Quebec. Names interviewed include Seth Rollins, Bret Hart and Roman Reigns.

Below are highlights and links:

Seth Rollins on turning heel:

“When we try to be booed or cheered, we’re trying to garner attention,” he said. “If you’re getting no reaction, you’re doing something wrong. It’s sure good go have them boo me.”

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Bret Hart on Natalya vs. Charlotte at NXT Takeover:

"Watching Charlotte Flair, knowing the tragedies that hit Ric with his son's passing, I knew that that match at NXT wasn't gonna be your average match, it was gonna be a real important match not just to Natalya, but to Charlotte. I know Ric has been through a lot, it was gonna be one of those kind of special moments that we would be really proud. Natalya took the match really serious all week and probably for a couple of weeks. She wanted to tell a story and make a real impression on people for Charlotte and they did that. I was thrilled with the match. Just the emotion and the joy coming from Ric and his daughter, it was a special moment. It was a great moment for me, but for Ric, his daughter, Natalya. I felt like I was representing Jim The Anvil there that day. It was a little nice thing to be part of and I'm glad they called me up and I had the chance to be part of that."

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Roman Reigns on the end of The Shield:

"I could have really seen The Shield closing down every single show for the next three years. I think we had that ability and that we were that hot," Reigns told SLAM! Wrestling. "I think it's an understatement that the vast majority of the fans loved The Shield. But we didn't have too many opponents left to face. Possibly the Wyatts, but you can't really go above Evolution, especially after beating them twice. Between myself, Dean and Seth, we're doing the exact same thing The Shield was doing, but we're doing it on our own now."

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