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Shad Gaspard Shoots On Darren Young & Titus O'Neil, Accuses Them Of "Biting Off" Cryme Tyme's Gimmick

Shad Gaspard, who was a part of Cryme Tyme in WWE, posted the following on his Twitter account regarding Titus O'Neil & Darren Young:

" data-datetime="2012-06-05T00:44:55+00:00">June 5, 2012

He then posted a number of tweets which exceed the 140 character limit, and are therefore compiled below:

@TitusONeilWWE@DarrenYoungWWE Pleas DON’T respond back to me BC your charisma is lacking, you style is jacking, & just cause you play with your self don’t make you boyz player. If you’re a little confused, I am talking trash, so sit back BC in this tweet I’m going to Textually beat that a--. If Cryme Tyme was in the ring we would do more than just beat you down. You wont hear No PTP, no milly milly. Just a bunch of @WWE fans cheering “Whoop them clowns”. So try to be original, stop trying to be hood. Ain’t nothing worst than some posers like you who don’t even do it good. #CRYMETYME4L

@DarrenYoungWWE sit down with your half brother @JohnCena , ask him for advice, I think you took his “You cant see me” comment a little to literal, BC for the last 4yrs no one has seen you. Every time you popped up Ron Simmons says, “D---! Cena Got a tan!” … #CRYMETYME4L

@TitusONeilWWE go read your motivational book, you know the little engine that could, but this time so you don’t bite my style stop saying “I think I’m shad. I think I’m shad. I think I’m shad.” And start saying “I wish I would”. “I wish I would stop barking” “I wish I would stop clapping begging to the fans to cheer for me.” “I wish I would clos my mouth BC I look like Bubba Gump.“ I wish I would stop licking the office a--, because every time I talk, I really talk s---” “I WISH I WOULS----. #CRYMETYME4L

Now to any one who thinks I’m bitter, just know that I’m not. I’m happy in what I’m doing and that’s a lot. Check out

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Anthony Watson for sending this in.

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