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Shane Douglas Speaks on Rockin' Rebel Murder-Suicide Case

Rockin Rebel

On a recent episode of his podcast, Shane Douglas spoke about the case involving Rockin' Rebel and the murder-suicide that just recently claimed Rebel and his wife's lives. It was recently revealed that Rebel was indeed the one that pulled the trigger on his wife before turning the gun on himself.

"It is such a crazy story and not to just throw a cliché out there but this just proves that with all the insane stories that we've heard about in professional wrestling that there is always something crazier coming down the road somewhere. I knew Chuck (obviously) and I've known him for two decades (maybe longer) and he and I always got along although Chuck and anyone that knows him knows what I am talking about, he wasn't the king of guy who would let his hair down with you. If you were talking about subject A, he would say a few things about subject A and was on his way and he was like an overly intense guy. He'd scream about a parking spot type of thing. I didn't read any of the Facebook posts and I didn't know his wife but my condolences to the family and obviously the children. That is the biggest heartbreak of this thing to me is that the kids were in the house allegedly from what I am reading online that the kids were in the house at the time that this happened. Can you image if you hear a couple of shots and you find your mother and your father just laying there dead? I can't think of anything more horrible for a child. No kid should have to witness something like that let alone the loss of their mother at the hands of their father.

It just nauseates me if you think about it that there is a woman dead that lived in fear and understandably so and the kids having aside from what they witnessed at the house and I had read something from one of the neighbors that there was a lot of stuff and language being used, imagine the kids seeing this on a day-to-day basis and seeing this yelling and screaming, that is not healthy for a child. This on top of it is just a really tragic situation and that goes without saying it. My condolences go out to the families, to his wife and especially the kids. Whoever is listening and if anybody is listening out there from the family please make sure those kids see some professionals to get that dealt with because that is obviously going to leave a deep scar on the kids.

I don't know the circumstances or anything but if you are planning on killing somebody, please send the kids to the neighbor's house for the night and for God's sake do something. The whole thing is so nauseating and sickening."

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