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Shane McMahon Narrowly Avoids Helicopter Crash

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Shane helicopter

This just in in "news you probably didn't expect to hear about ever," Shane McMahon nearly had his life ended this morning in a deadly helicopter crash. Luckily, the pilot of a small helicopter containing the Smackdown GM managed to make an emergency landing in the water at Gilgo Beach this morning.

Emergency responders arrived to the scene immediately to rescue the pilot and Shane and bring them to shore. Shane had the following to say about the incident and the pilot:

"It's very unsettling when all the sudden you have something happen," McMahon said. "You hear a bang, and then you start saying, 'We're going to do an emergency landing in the water.' So yes, it was very unnerving. But again, Mario was super calm, which made me super calm. And we landed perfectly."

"First of all, I'd like to thank the pilot, Mario," he said. "He did an amazing job. He was cool under pressure. I couldn't have been in better hands. He explained everything as it was happening. I'd also like to thank the Coast Guard, who was there instantaneously, Suffolk County Marine, a bureau that was there, the lifeguards that came to the beach. Just thankful that everything worked out well and that we're here."

Shane also said the following on Twitter:


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