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Shane McMahon Set For WWE Raw Return Tonight!


Announced on WWE Twitter account Shane McMahon is returning to the WWE tonight. It's unclear at this time why he is returning however you have to believe that WWE is hoping that it helps with viewership tonight. With the NBA returning to Monday Nights tonight and with more sports on the horizon it's likely that we see more surprises like this over the next month. 

A couple of reasons he could be brought back tonight:

1. He could be returning as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, this could help fill in the gaps of making matches and also giving reason for Shane to be on screen.

2. He could be returning to setup a match for Summerslam which is just a few weeks away. Only a couple of matches have been set for the showcase of the Summer and it's possible Shane gets added to the card.

3. It could be a one off to help with viewers and to help push forward a story-line. Maybe Seth Rollins continues his dastardly deeds taking out Shane, maybe the US title situation will need Shane to help facilitate the next step in the story or Randy Orton has been taking out legends of the past, could Shane fall victim to Orton next?

4. A major announcement such as Evolution 2 or the WWE draft. 

Why do you think he is returning to TV? Let us know on Twitter @WNWNews OR below in the comment section. For a complete look at the Raw preview tonight you can click here. 

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