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The Sharpshooter - Why Jeremy Borash leaving Impact is not the end of the world.

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I want to start this article by congratulating long-time TNA/Impact employee Jeremy Borash on his move to the WWE. Having been a loyal servant with the company since its inception in 2002, it was perhaps considered unthinkable within the industry that Borash would ever work for anyone else. I don't want to speculate on what must have been an extremely difficult and emotional decision for him to make, but with Anthem's Impact currently going through a process of radical change... ultimately it's likely that Borash's decision is the right one for both parties in the long-term.

It's a blow for Impact of course: Borash was a key man behind the scenes - over the years he's worked effectively in production, website design, marketing, social media, doing backstage interviews, ring-announcing, talent relations, creative... and finally, as the companies lead play-by-play announcer. He's a multi-skilled member of staff - and will bring both passion and knowledge to his new role at the WWE - especially given the increased resources. It has to be said, that Borash helped kept TNA going through it's hardest times; he was universally liked by the fanbase, and the talent he worked with.

Despite all the positives, his play-by-play announcing has been one of the worst parts of the Impact television product in recent years. When his mentor Mike Tenay departed, Borash deserved the opportunity to make the position his own, but even the most diehard Impact fans have become disenfranchised with his on-air output. It's hard to explain why certain commentators connect better with their audience; it's often a combination of things - the tones in their voice, the style in which they call the action, the ability to display quick wit and mirth, or a strong technical knowledge... but above all for me, I want to hear some excitement - and I just didn't hear it in Borash's delivery.

I was desperate for a change to the commentary team - and when D'Amore and Callis took over creative - my guess was a new commentary team was one of the most immediate priorities identified on improving the show (especially with Josh Mathews transitioning to a new on-screen role as manager). Sometimes a change is good for a person - and I imagine Borash has taken this as a chance to have a fresh start, a new opportunity away from the comfort of the Impact Zone. Matt and Jeff Hardy have almost certainly campaigned to bring him in to help with the Woken gimmick, and I imagine his friend Jim Ross would have spoke highly of him to Triple H.

It will be interesting to see how Impact reacts. Anthem is certainly investing money, and Ed Nordholm is learning from his initial mistakes (hiring Jeff Jarrett). There's seeds of an Impact resurgence... and if we could see Don Callis on colour commentary alongside say, Robert Flores (who impressed calling Slammiversary), NJPW partner Kevin Kelly or perhaps a swansong for Tenay... I'd say that's going to be huge positive for the overall presentation of the show. The truth is this... Jeremy Borash, even after all he did for Impact, is not irreplaceable. New people will step up, they always do.

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