Shawn Michaels Discusses The Royal Rumble, Offers Advice To The Miz

Original: has an interview with Shawn Michaels, in which he gives advice to The Miz, who will enter this Sunday's Royal Rumble first. Michaels, the first wrestler to win the Royal Rumble match from the #1 spot, talks about his mindset while competing before offering the following to The Miz:

In the Rumble, everybody is your potential friend and your potential enemy. You make alliances that you wouldn’t normally make, and you stab anybody in the back that you want to stab in the back.

[The Royal Rumble Match is] the epitome of every man for himself and being thrown in the shark tank – which is the thing that’s so phenomenal about it. You see alliances that you never thought you would, and at the same time you see some pretty serious betrayals that you didn’t see coming.

Only one guy can be standing there. Pride and all of those things get thrown out the window, and you do whatever you’ve got to do to win. Miz is a sleazy enough dude – that fits him – so I think that’s gonna be his strength.

You have to appreciate a guy that causes you to look at yourself and call into question those attributes that you want to pretend you don’t have. In desperate situations, we all have them to some degree.

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